Virtual Terminal for Consignment Shops

Manage online and phone sales with virtual point of sale (VPOS) software for consignment and resale stores.

Virtual Terminal for Consignment Shops
Virtual Terminal for Consignment Shops

What is a Virtual Terminal or a VPOS system?

A virtual terminal handles the same tasks for consignment as a point of sale (POS) system, such as accepting card payments for transactions. Our VPOS means consignment stores, vendor malls, antique malls, and any business that sells second hand goods can accept credit card payments over the phone or online—virtually. Through cloud-based desktop software, our VPOS can accept card-not-present transactions.

The decision to switch to SimpleConsign was the best decision we have made. The flexibility of using any device and accessing from home or vacation allows me to focus on my family and growing the business. Our business has grown tremendously.

- Jennifer Robinson

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- Martha V

Why use a virtual payment terminal?

A virtual terminal can be used in place of a physical terminal for card-not-present transactions, where the cardholder can't tap or insert their card in a physical payment processing device. The benefit of a virtual terminal, otherwise known as a virtual point of sale system (VPOS), is the ability to process secure payment transactions anywhere, anytime, on any device with an internet connection.

What’s the difference between VPOS and POS?

The only difference between VPOS (virtual point of sale) and POS (point of sale) is the customer’s physical presence at the time of transaction. WIth a VPOS system, a customer and their credit card do not need to be present, allowing consignment and resale store owners to accept payments online and virtually. A VPOS system will have the same functionality as a card reader POS, turning any computer into a virtual way to accept credit card or debit payments via phone, text, email, or mail.

Want to experience SimpleConsign for yourself?

Start accepting card-not-present payments over the phone, online, and in-person, with SimpleConsign’s VPOS and POS software designed for consignment, vendor and dealer malls, antiques, and the resale industry.


Why is it important to have multiple ways to accept payments?

By offering multiple payment options via multiple payment providers, a consignment business can safeguard against outages or other technical issues with payment providers. Multiple ways to accept payments usually means more ways to process sales transactions.

How much does a virtual terminal cost?

The cost of a virtual terminal varies. Some providers give away the software for free and charge a fee per transaction run through the terminal. This is usually at a higher rate than card-present transactions. Others might include the virtual terminal as part of a monthly software feature package for small businesses with the payment gateway and other tools.