Streamline Management for your Vendor Mall with SimpleConsign

A single, customizable software solution to centralize point of sale, empower vendor management of inventory, collect rent, and report on profitability.

Streamline Management for your Vendor Mall with SimpleConsign
Streamline Management for your Vendor Mall with SimpleConsign

What should I look for in vendor mall and booth management software?

Vendor mall and booth management software should contain the following functionalities: rent collection and management, vendor-controlled inventory management including remote item entry, pricing, barcode and tag printing, payouts, and store reporting.


Don’t take our word for it

SimpleConsign’s technology has been a total game changer for us. They allow us to operate much more efficiently, giving us the ability to focus on strategic growth and employee management.

- Christian Gillham | Painted Tree

Having software like Simpleconsign allows our vendors to have their own Consignor access portal to manage their inventory across all locations as well as monitor sales and track trends. And that’s something that they aren’t able to find anywhere else.

- Christian Gillham | Painted Tree

Benefits for Vendor Malls

  • Streamline checkout
  • Reduce manual entries
  • Save time with barcodes
  • Apply discounts and fees
  • Automate management of booth rentals and payouts
  • Manage your business remotely
  • Give dealers access in real-time
  • Vendor controlled label printing
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What is a vendor mall?

A vendor mall is any business that rents booths to vendors or dealers and sometimes has a centralized checkout. The inventory within those booths are completely controlled by the vendors that the vendor mall selects.

How is SimpleConsign’s vendor mall software different from Quail or GoAntiquing?

SimpleConsign’s platform is custom designed to support the needs of vendor malls. With integrated and automatic rent tracking and collection, centralized point of sale, and vendor management tools like inventory management, payouts, and printing, SimpleConsign works well for any booth-based business model regardless of inventory mix.

Are there other names for vendor malls?

Yes, a vendor mall can be a flea market, antique mall, or dealer mall. Some vendor malls define their business as a collective of local shop owners or artists. In many cases, vendor malls curate the experience.

What kind of inventory mix does a vendor mall offer?

Vendor malls consider their inventory to be booths. The vendors who rent those booths and run them can offer whatever inventory they choose. Often you see a mix of antiques, consignment, store owned, and new items.