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SimpleConsign's Store Insights App, available in Google Play and Apple App Store, is our mobile-first solution that reveals key performance indicators (KPIs) like transaction counts, inventory counts, sell-through rates, and more customized to your store.




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I love the personalization and different overview filters. We’re gonna use the heck out of this. This is amazing!

- Beta Tester, Store Owner

How the Store Insight's App works

How the Store Insight's App works


Quickly view sales totals, transaction counts, item counts, and popular payment methods with filters for location, sales channel, and timeframe.


Gain further insights into sales trends, including best-selling brands/categories, sell-through rates, and sales aggregates. Use filters for locations, sales channels, and timeframes to delve deeper.


See how your business is performing this year compared to previous years and anticipate future sales trends across sales channels and locations.


Quickly review account statuses, outstanding balances, and inventory values + ratios, either across all locations or for a specific one.


Monitor terminal status, including whether the close-out process has been completed, by whom, and if the drawers are balanced.



To use Store Insights, what OS does my phone need to run?

Insights is compatible with iOS 14 + for Apple and 7.0 + for Android

Can I use my iPad or Android tablet with the Store Insights App?

Yes! The app was designed for mobile devices but is compatible with tablets running as a mobile app.

Which subscriptions have access to the Store Insights App?

Anyone can download the Store Insights App from the App Store or Google Play, but in order to get access to the data in the app,  you need to be a Professional Plan subscriber or have purchased the add-on if you are a Basic or Standard Plan Subscriber.

What credentials must be in place for a user to access the data inside the Store Insights App?

To access Store Insights, a user must belong to an enabled location, have Back Office access, and have permission to access the app. This allows store owners and managers to control access.

How do I log into the Store Insights App?

Users can log in with their SimpleConsign Back Office login ID and password provided they have access permissions configured on their account.

How often does the data in the App update?

Data is updated every hour.

What are some examples of business questions I can use the App to answer?

A variety of business information can be found at a glance. These include company-wide trends, multi-sales channel information, sell-through rates of categories and brands, and terminal activity. A few common questions you can get answers to from Insights are: 

  1. How much revenue did we make this week and what was our average ticket price?
  2. What is our payable bxalance to consignors?
  3. Are my cashiers closed out for the day?
Which subscriptions require the add-on pricing?

Basic and standard users are able to add Store Insights to their plan for $75.

How do I purchase the add-on?
  1. Add the Store Insights add-on to your subscription via your manage billing settings in SimpleConsign.
  2. Download the app from Apple or Google.
  3. Open the app and log in with your Back Office credentials. Location access will match the location user permissions configured in SimpleConsign.
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