Point of sale and inventory management for consignment stores

SimpleConsign makes the management of consignment stores, regardless of how you source inventory, as easy as possible by uniting all the tools you need to run your store more efficiently in one, customizable, and cloud-based software.

Point of sale and inventory management for consignment stores
Point of sale and inventory management for consignment stores

How do you keep track of consignment sales?

To keep track of consignment sales or sales in your consignment store you should use a specialized point of sale system (sometimes known as a POS, VPOS, virtual point of sale, or virtual terminal) that is designed to support the complexity of consignment transactions. Choosing a consignment software to track your sales means you’ll have access to the ability to set fixed or amount-based consignor splits, time-based or tier-based discounting, inventory and payment processing fees, and more. By investing in a consignment solution, you’ll save time during tax season.


There are so many benefits to SimpleConsign. I don’t know how anyone uses any other software.

- Danielle Darnault | Owner, Trove

I'd like to switch from my current consignment software to SimpleConsign. What is that process like?

Switching to SimpleConsign from another point of sale or inventory management tool is, well, simple. Our expert staff will guide you every step of the way from data migration to office and staff training. We make it as easy as possible to make the transition. The best way to start is to schedule a call with a sales consultant.

Benefits for consignment shops:

  • Streamline checkout
  • Save time with barcodes
  • Apply discounts and fees
  • Automate inventory management
  • Give dealers access in real-time

SimpleConsign has over 20 years of experience serving the consignment industry.


Is SimpleConsign an expert in consignment?

Yes, SimpleConsign has over 20 years of experience serving the consignment industry.

How frequently does SimpleConsign update its consignment software and solutions?

SimpleConsign invests heavily in its development and product to ensure our consignment solution delivers the most value to our consignment stores and customers. We push updates to our cloud-based system once or twice a month, and have an intra-product feature called “what’s new” that keeps you updated on what updates or changes have been made.

How many consignment stores does SimpleConsign support?

SimpleConsign is the leading cloud-based software solution for consignment stores. Thousands of consignment stores run on SimpleConsign.

What is online consignment software?

Online consignment software usually is used to describe point of sale, inventory management, and online storefront software for the consignment industry. For example, SimpleConsign’s online consignment software provides all of those elements in addition to integrations with Quickbooks.

What is the difference between resale software and retail software?

Resale software is software that has been designed with the specific needs of resellers in mind such as consignment stores. Retail software is designed for the mass market retailer. We often find that consignment stores end up switching from retail software solutions to SimpleConsign because those systems don’t include all the functionality consignment stores need.