Located in Asheville's River Arts District, Marquee resides within a historic warehouse that has undergone a remarkable transformation. The once-abandoned warehouse now boasts an impressive display of artwork, antiques, and handmade goods. A rapid success, Marquee is now home to over 260 vendors, with a waitlist for those eager to join.

River Arts District

The Objective

Marquee wanted to simplify, streamline, and scale their business. They needed consignment-specific software to fast-track their sales.

The Challenge

When Marquee opened in 2019, its industry peers still used pen and paper. "Everyone hand-wrote out their tags, and when you went to check out, it just took forever. At the scale we are going for, we can't have that." explained the owner, Robert Nicholas.

The Solution

SimpleConsign has the solutions to run their business. Designed for vendor malls and the consignment industry, Marquee has everything it needs to scale successfully.

  • There is contract management so the store can create and print vendor agreements.
  • There is a consignor portal where vendors can enter their inventory, print tags, and view the quantities on hand.
  • There are barcodes to speed up the check-out process.
  • The reporting is real-time, so you always know where your sales are.

On top of this, Rebecca says, "The software is great. It was super easy to learn and very user-friendly." With over 260 vendors and 8,000+ inventory items to manage, this was critical.

"[The Vendor Portal] is almost addicting to people because their sales are shown in real-time. Vendors love that."

Rebecca Nicholas Co-owner | Marquee



"This helps our vendors because they are checking daily to see what sales they had so they know what to replace or bring another pair of."

Robert Nicholas
Co-owner | Marquee


The Results

Marquee trusted SimpleConsign to manage their growth, and the results show. With over $2 million in sales to date, SimpleConsign’s consignment-specific software allowed Marquee's vision to scale.

When asked what advice they would give new store owners, Rebecca and Robert simply stated, "Get SimpleConsign."