Optimize Antique Mall Operations and Management

Streamline your antique mall operations with an all-in-one, customizable software solution that centralizes point-of-sale (POS), inventory management, rent collection, and reporting. 

Antique Malls

What should I look for in Antique Mall software?

Antique Mall software should contain the following functionalities: rent collection and management, antique vendor or dealer-controlled inventory management including remote item entry, pricing, barcode and tag printing, payouts, and store reporting. 

Seamless Inventory Management with Dealer Access

Dealer Access, also known as Consignor Access, provides antique vendors with remote inventory management capabilities. Shop owners can customize permissions for antique vendors, fostering diverse vendor relationships ranging from full store control to complete autonomy. Ideal for antique vendors, dealers, and antique malls that lease booths. Dealer Access streamlines inventory management, sales tracking, and pricing updates. 

Benefits for Antique Malls

  • Streamline checkout
  • Reduce manual entries
  • Save time with barcodes
  • Apply discounts and fees
  • Automate management of booth rentals and payouts
  • Manage your business remotely
  • Give antique vendors access in real-time
  • Antique vendor controlled label printing
Benefits for Antique Malls

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What is an Antique Mall?

An Antique Mall is a marketplace where dealers or vendors sell vintage goods, collectibles, furniture, artifacts, and memorabilia from a dedicated booth within a shared space. Unlike traditional retail stores, Antique Malls provide a collective space where vendors rent or lease booths or sections to showcase their merchandise. The Antique Mall owner collects rent and often a portion of the sale.

How is SimpleConsign’s Antique Mall software different from Quail or GoAntiquing?

SimpleConsign’s software is designed to support the needs of vendor malls. With integrated and automatic rent tracking and collection, centralized point of sale, and a vendor and dealer portal that allows vendors and dealers to manage their inventory, printing, and tags, SimpleConsign works well for any booth-based business model regardless of inventory mix.

Are there other names for Antique Malls?

Other names for Antique Malls include dealer malls, vintage marketplaces, retro emporiums, collectibles centers, flea markets, antique galleries, curio shops, and memorabilia markets. Some antique malls define their business as a collective of local shop owners or artists creating an engaging and unique shopping experience.

What kind of inventory mix does an antique mall offer?

The inventory mix in an antique mall will differ depending on the vendors or dealers they rent to. Often, Antique malls offer a diverse inventory mix including furniture, jewelry, clothing, home decor, artwork, pottery, glassware, toys and games, books and magazines, as well as tools and equipment. 

How do you manage a vendor/antique/shopping mall
Why is vendor management important?

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