Why Shop Consignment This Holiday Season?

November 30, 2020

Many of us have bigger hearts than wallets which is why shopping consignment is ideal for the holidays. There are so many benefits to consignment shopping but the biggest one is the amount of money that can be saved. Saving is important and this year has been a huge lesson on that. By shopping at consignment stores you’re not only helping yourself but you are supporting your community. Another lesson this year taught us is to support our hard-working neighbors. As shop owners, this is the perfect year to answer the question of why shop consignment this holiday season. It’s important to boast about all the benefits that consignment shopping has. Here are some points you can share with your audience.

Shop Consignment this Holiday Season for Unique Gifts

Why Shop Consignment This Holiday Season?

When shopping consignment, no two items will be the same and that makes a gift seem more genuine. If the item is unique it is something the person can look at and be reminded of the relationship they have with that person. Consign some fashionable clothing pieces your special person can cherish, the rare beauty of the unique item you gift them will not be overlooked! You can tell them about how you searched through the whole store, looking at all of the different choices, and how that one you got them stood out.

Affordable Holiday Shopping with Consignment

Why Shop Consignment This Holiday Season?

Get more out of holiday shopping! This is a hard year and some people may be worried about not being able to give as much as the years before. When shopping consignment you get so much more out of your money. Don’t give yourself a headache coming up with the perfect gift, head to your local consignment stores, and let the perfect gift find you. After a hard year like this one, get yourself a little something as well. Whether you’re celebrating the holidays with your loved ones in person or through Zoom you can still rock a cozy sweater.

Give Back by Shopping Consignment this Holiday Season

Give back by shopping consignment

Every time you shop local you are contributing to your community. You can’t feel bad about spending money when it is spent doing good. People already spend hundreds of dollars on holiday shopping, might as well put that money to good use. Whether you want to give a loved one great clothing pieces or maybe furniture for their home, all of that can be found when shopping consignment. Not only are you giving back to your community but you are also helping the circular economy by recycling items. Forbes wrote about how the retail industry is more environmentally aware and socially conscious. Many people are turning to reused items for their holiday shopping because they are keeping the economy in mind.

Shop Consignment Online

Shop Consignment Online

You may not want to go out in public to holiday shop, and that’s okay because you can also shop consignment online! This can honestly make the experience less overwhelming by looking at all of the options on your own time. Consigning is great but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to risk your health. Support consignment stores from home by using their online shopping and Facebook Live auctions.

If your shop doesn’t have these, SimpleConsign makes it easy to seamlessly use your online inventory to sell using our Shopify plugin. This also allows you to use the Facebook live feature through LoyalShops.

Paulette Squicimari