5 consignment store Halloween ideas to draw shoppers in

This post was updated from September 2014

Consignment store Halloween ideas that will cast a spell on shoppers!

Make your consignment store Halloween ideas fun and brightNearly $9 billion is projected to be spent in 2019 on this special day. Even if your store doesn’t sell costumes, offer add-ins like candles, cards, decorations or accessories. Make sure your store participates in at least one of these consignment store Halloween ideas to get your share of the Halloween pie.

1.) Decorate, decorate, decorate

This is the time of year to take advantage of great decorating opportunities. Whether you choose fall leaves, pumpkins or scary ghosts, make sure your shop is festive and fun. Inner Child Fun has an idea using Glad Press ‘n Seal Plastic Wrap on your windows. Tape the plastic wrap to your windows with the sticky side out then attach objects to the wrap. They suggest fall leaves, but you could just as easily decorate with black bats or skeletons. If you prefer not to decorate your entire store, set aside a “spooky” section. Fill this “pop-up shop” with Fall decor, Halloween-themed items or just autumn-colored merchandise.

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2.) Hold an event

There are so many fun events that require very little preparation on your part. For instance, sponsor a Halloween Child Safety Seminar. Hand out child safety Tips, give the kids a Halloween coloring page and offer reflective bags or pumpkin containers to those who attend. Or, hold a “Get Ready for the Night” event from 4 pm to 6 pm on October 31st where children receive free face painting and candy while parents receive a special 13% off coupon for a one-day sale event on Saturday, November 1. Remember customer content is always your strongest advertising! Take lots of photos!

3.) Offer scary prices to your best customers

Make sure your employees have consignment store Halloween ideas tooDon’t forget to reach out to your loyal shoppers. Send spooky invitations and emails to promote a special sale with really scary prices (say, the unlucky number of 13% off) that is by invitation only. Send your top 25 customers a bewitching gift box filled with candy and a special note that might say, “Fangs a lot” and of course a gift card to your shop. Or, host an evening party where customers are encouraged to dress in costume. Present a fashion show that is all in black or black and orange. Then, make sure you offer appropriate refreshments like witches brew and monster eyes. Give them plenty of notice to prepare.

4.) Get employees excited

Shoppers like to frequent businesses where the workers are friendly and fun. Nothing says “fun” more than a salesperson dressed like a beautiful Fairy Princess or Batman. Make sure your employees wear costumes and have plenty of candy to hand out. Choose allergy-friendly candies like Skittles or Life Savers. Offer a drawing for a special prize that makes it easier for employees to interact with shoppers. Get email addresses in exchange for signing up.

5.) Be very social

Using all of your social media is a must. Host contests on Facebook for the best costume whether it’s people or pets. Create a Halloween Pinterest board with all of the black and orange items in your shop. Use Twitter and Instagram to promote your special event. If you don’t want the hassle of a contest or event, at least take fun photos of your staff in costume to post on Facebook and Twitter. Change your Facebook Cover Image. The Cover Image size is 1200 x 675 pixels. Check and correctly arrange your photo before you publish. Don’t forget to change it on November 1st. No matter which Halloween ideas you choose, by adding a bit of fun, you’ll be building your brand awareness.

13 ways to improve your consignment shop cash wrap

This post has been updated and reprinted from Feb. 2016

Checkout. Cashier’s Stand. Register. Consignment Shop Cash Wrap.

There are many ways to name that location in your shop where customers come to make their purchase and you eagerly take their money. Remember, how you design it can make a big difference in your total sales numbers. Don’t neglect this vital part of the shopping process and by all means, constantly keep in mind it’s all about the ease and comfort of your customer! Here are 13 ways that you can improve the overall appearance and function of your consignment shop cash wrap.

1.) Add impulse buys

For whatever reason, women cannot resist adding a little something to their purchase. The items have to be small not only to save space on the counter, but to make the impulse buy easier. Consider store gift cards, travel items, lip gloss, small toys, mints or greeting cards. Ideally, the merchandise should be priced under a couple of dollars and no more than $10. By all means, make sure the impulse items you display on your consignment shop cash wrap relate to your brand. This is also an excellent place to promote your Rewards Program!

2.) Move the location

North Americans shop like they drive. Everyone moves to the right. That means the best possible location for your check out station is on the left wall or at least to the left of your front door. Place your best items toward the back and put a clear path through the store to your cash wrap.

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3.) Change the size

Believe it or not, the size of your cash wrap matters in the minds of your customers. For some, a smaller counter can psychologically make the buyer feel they are buying something larger and therefore more expensive. (That’s according to Paco Underhill in Why We Buy.) However, a spacious area can make the shopper feel as though they haven’t bought enough and should perhaps keep looking. The size of the cash wrap is determined by the size of your store, the type of merchandise you sell and at what price point. Use the American Disabilities Act as a guide for how much space is needed in front.


4.) It should always be EAST

This doesn’t mean on the east wall of your shop. It means it should always be Efficient, Accessible, Simple and Tidy. Anything else is just clutter to distract the customer. If possible, the only things that should be on the actual counter are the customer’s purchase, her purse, and your neat and tidy POS system. Not only does this benefit the shopper, it’ll make your employees job so much easier.

5.) Add a “Cash Wrap Specialist”

Either hire or appoint someone to be your consignment shop cash wrap specialist or supervisor. This person needs to be prolific in understanding your POS system as well as your hardware. They’re responsible for merchandising the cash wrap; keeping the area clean and greeting customers when they come through the door. Consider elevating the position with special perks or a higher salary.

6.) Upgrade the wall behind

The wall directly behind your cash wrap is prime real estate. Everyone who stands waiting to check out sees that wall. Use it wisely. Consider painting it a bold color and featuring your name and logo or brand new items. Use a slatwall (or slotwall) that allows you to easily and regularly change the display. You could even paint seasonal backdrops that can be interchangeable throughout the year.

7.) Change the lighting

Lighting needs to be bright enough for the customer to retrieve something out of her purse and complete the transaction, but not glaring. Set the area off with attractive pendant lights or soft ambient lights that sit close to the counter. How you light your consignment shop directly relates to the comfort a shopper experiences. Set the mood. Use lights to guide customers through your store.

8.) Banish handwritten signs

If you have any signs by your register that are handwritten, throw them away immediately! Not only does it look untidy, it speaks volumes about your shop. Professional shop owners don’t hand write signs and tape them to their cash wrap.

9.) Don’t use the word “No”

In addition to no handwritten signs, don’t have any negative signage either. If you must list policies at the register, find a positive way to state them. Offer printed flyers with guidelines and perhaps a sample contract.

10.) Improve speed

Today’s shoppers are very different from even a decade ago. They have little tolerance for long lines and waiting to check out. Now may be the time to upgrade your current POS system or adding one if you are still doing things by hand. I suppose this is a perfect opportunity to tell you to sign up for a 15-day free trial with SimpleConsign.

11.) Open it up

If your cash wrap closes the sales associate in, you may want to find a way to open it up. A more open check out system makes the shopper feel welcomed and comfortable. According to FitSmallBusiness.com, there are 3 main cash wrap layouts. Choose the one that fits the size of your store, your brand and your wallet.

12.) Cash wrap training

Train your sales associates to keep the cash wrap area clean and clear. Have a place below the counter for items like staplers, pens and pencils, safety pins, etc. When a sales associate finishes a sale, teach them to quickly put items away before they take care of the next customer. Eventually, it will become a quick and easy habit. Set a rule immediately that no food, beverages or electronic devices are to be kept by the register either. Instruct your sales team not to loiter around the cash register, but to come out from behind it and interact with customers.

13.) Have fun

In many instances, this is the last area your shoppers will visit before leaving your shop. Fun signs thanking them for coming in, special treats like a Hershey’s kiss or printed signs filled with the photos and quotes of satisfied customers offer a last chance to make a good impression. Remember again, it’s all about the ease and comfort of the customer…no one else.

5 DIY summer consignment store window displays

Your consignment store window displays should really pop this summer

Have you ever seen those hilarious Pinterest Fails? You know, the people who attempt the clever Pinterest DIY ideas and end up with a glob of dough or a completely unrecognizable decoration? That’s me. I, however, have more faith in you. That’s why I’ve put together a collection of 5 DIY consignment store window display ideas. Will yours be a success or failure?

The DIY summer pinwheel wall

Consignment store window displays include pinwheels

Okay, you have to admit these would be fabulous in your consignment store window, particularly if you had a small fan that kept them moving! This idea comes from Oh Happy Day. Of course, it includes “easy-to-follow” instructions. One of the main design rules for store displays is to draw the eye with big, bold shapes and colors. Repetitive shapes give the eye a way to rest. Incorporate the colors of your logo or brand.

Another DIY paper pinwheel backdrop

Consignment store widow display with large paper pinwheels

This one, believe or not, I’ve actually done. It’s an easier version of the movable pinwheels, but looks just as stunning on a large scale. Stick them on dowel rods painted green; lay out a section of AstroTurf and you have an instant garden for your store window. The instructions are here.

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Large scale maps and/or black and white photos

Summer consignment store window displays should definitely include maps

Summertime consignment store window displays should definitely include maps. Travel is summer’s biggest theme and the bigger the map, the better. The beauty of using old maps and photos is how easy it is to enlarge them. Take them to your nearest Staples store and have them create engineering blueprint size images. By creating only black and white images, you could spend as little as $8 for a 36″ x 48″ photo. Head to Home Depot and purchase MDF sheets. Use spray adhesive to attach the images to the MDF.

vintage photos enlarged make perfect window displays

Group a number of related photos or maps as a backdrop by hanging them with fishing line from the ceiling. Add props and merchandise to complete the showcase. If you’re at a loss for vintage black and white photos, New Old Stock offers many for free or a very nominal fee. However, visiting your nearest thrift store can also turn up a number of interesting maps and photos as well.

Anything red, white and blue

summer displays have to include the colors red, white and blue too

Summer is also about red, white and blue at least in America. Anytime you can use these colors for a summertime display, your windows will pop. Here’s a suggestion just taking old picture frames (something that seems to be in abundance these days) and painting them. You could choose a mono-chromatic color scheme as well if you’re looking for something other than patriotic. These frames are also filled with interesting papers and gels to add an extra punch.

Why not use plywood and rope?

consignment window displays

This was another inexpensive and clever idea I found. The designer used pieces of cut plywood and rope as the backdrop for a men’s store. One again, the suitcase helps to give a vacation feel to the window.

Other points to remember:

  • Keep your target market in mind
  • Follow your branding
  • Tell a story with your windows, don’t just show merchandise
  • Limit the merchandise so the items look more expensive. Avoid clutter.
  • Use lighting to add interest
  • The focal point should always be at eye level
  • Regularly change your front window display

5 tactics for boosting consignment sales

Boosting consignment sales may be easier than you think

Sometimes, it’s the little things. Seemingly insignificant actions that make all the difference to a customer. Oftentimes, boosting consignment sales can even be pretty easy. Try a few of these and see if they don’t make a difference in your overall sales next month.

1.) Snobby salespeople required?

What is it that brick and mortar stores have that online retailers don’t? People! You can’t make a day of it with friends by shopping online. Boosting consignment sales starts with the right customer service. For most of you, your staff should greet everyone with a smile and a genuine “Hello!” A friendly sales staff in the right environment can increase sales by as much as 23%! However, research has shown that if you sell luxury items, “the ruder the sales staff the better the sales.” Train your staff to sell according to your merchandise and your brand.

The Whizbang! Tip of the Week #617 suggests adding a little something special to your sales experience. He sites several examples. One is as easy as the way Nordstroms hands you your purchase when the transaction is finished. They come around the counter rather than schlepping the bag over the top.

2.) A captive audience

Take a good look at your Point of Sale (POS) area.  Is it neat and tidy? Do you offer smaller, impulse items for sale? This is the fastest way to increase store sales. Whether you’re offering jewelry and accessories at a clothing store, wood cleaning products at a furniture store or small toys at a children’s shop, make sure you take advantage of this captive audience. Change it up so regular shoppers are always surprised. The quicker you can complete the sale, the better. Younger generations get extremely frustrated if the checkout process takes too long. Make sure you have an updated POS system that runs quickly and easily.

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3.) Somewhere between the floor and ceiling

Consignment and resale are in a very unique position when it comes to pricing. Since most of your merchandise is used, the value is arbitrary. Brand, quality and age all determine an item’s price. Many retail stores use cost-based pricing and most experts suggest anyone selling physical merchandise should do the same. Cost-based pricing begins with the manufacturing cost of an item. Then, a range is set for the selling price. The range is referred to as the floor amount (the lowest possible price) and the ceiling amount (the highest). Value-based pricing is determined by a customer’s perceived value of an item. The perception changes according to rarity, brand name or even the amount of personal service a customer receives. Make sure your price points maximize your profit. Read 4 tips for setting correct price points.

4.) Engage the eyes, ears and nose

E-commerce, at least at this point, cannot give consumers the full shopping experience. Physical contact is still the #1 advantage for brick & mortar shops. Let customers experience your store fully. Free up rack space and floor space so shoppers can move around and easily touch the merchandise. Make your store memorable with a delightful smell too. Did you know that scent is the strongest sense influencing memory recall and emotions? Emotions happen to drive 80% of decision making. Hello! Buying! When a store wants to sell its most important items quickly, they are always placed at eye level. Whether it’s shelving or wall racks, make sure you’ve placed them at a median height, 57″ from the floor. Lastly, play music that appeals to your target market. If I walk into a store and hear Chicago, The Doobie Brothers or Earth, Wind and Fire, I’m not only dancing, I am shopping!

5.) It’s time to give back

In 2017, Forrester released their findings on the impact of customer loyalty programs. They stated, “loyalty program members on average spend $42.33 more with traditional retailers than shoppers not in a loyalty program.” Boosting consignment sales means giving back to your most loyal customers. Make your loyalty or rewards program easy to enter. The points or rewards need to accumulate quickly. In fact, one study found that if shoppers are given points when they enter the program, they’re likely to spend more in a shorter amount of time. Remember, those happy program members are often tremendous store ambassadors too. Many POS systems such as SimpleConsign have a built-in Rewards Points program. Check a box, set your values and let the program do the rest.

How to create the consignment store “target effect”

The “target effect” is real. Create it in your store today.

The Urban Dictionary defines the target effect as, “The result of going into a store, intending to buy a few things, and leaving with much more. Frequently happens while shopping at Target.” Admit it. It’s happened to you. You’ve gone into Target for toilet paper and come out with a dozen other just-couldn’t-resist items. I am guilty. You too can create the consignment store target effect. All it takes is a little design strategy.

A refreshing entry

Why do you think so many Target stores now have a Starbucks located at the front door? You will happily wander the aisles lingering over your frappuccino, that’s why. And, if there isn’t a premiere coffee shop up front, you’ll enjoy some other treat while shopping. The holidays are the perfect time to add a little of this consignment store target effect. Although a little extra cleanup at the end of the day might be required, delight you shoppers with a beverage as they come in. Depending on your location, choose hot apple cider or hot tea and coffee. You can even choose something a little more elegant like champagne.

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Light, bright and airy

Shoppers fill their carts with the consignment store target effectTarget stores are always well-lit and loaded with bright colors. The goal is to make shoppers feel happy. The aisles are wide, the shelves are full but not stuffed and everywhere you look, the colors pop. Part of your consignment store target effect should include the same. Curate your merchandise so that it’s easily within reach. Make sure your aisles are open and definitely avoid the “butt-brush” effect. Use the best store design layout for your space. Read Consignment store design that gets those shoppers buying. Use pops of color throughout your store to draw the eye.

Cross-merchandising for the win

Joe Perdew, Target’s Vice President of Store Design, says Target has “added features like dynamic product vignettes throughout the store that help guests envision how things will fit into their life.” In other words, like Walmart, put the band-aids next to the fishing hooks. People don’t add to their purchase until they see something they didn’t realize they needed to go with it. Help your customers visualize that complete living room or complete outfit by showing them what they need. Build your consignment store target effect by displaying brand new merchandise up front and center. Items on tables sell faster than items on racks.

In Target’s own words

In response to the target effect, the store has this to say, “Our in-store shopping experience facilitates a sense of inspiration and discovery through visual merchandising and curated product collections, while still making it easy for guests who want to stop in for a quick trip.” Obviously, Target has the funds to hire top-notch designers. They have the ability to test design and product presentation in their Minneapolis test store. Plus, they are currently remodeling over 1,000 of their US locations. But, you have the ability to make those small changes to create your own consignment store target effect. If you don’t show your shoppers what they need, they won’t know they need it.  It’s really that simple.

Consignment Store Design That Gets Those Shoppers Buying!

A Few Changes To Your Consignment Store Design Can Make All The Difference

A fresh look. Sometimes that’s all it takes. By making a few quick changes to your consignment store design, you could increase sales.

Minimalism Should Be A Resale Trend

Often resale and consignment store design errs on the side of cluttered and overwhelming. Because you receive one of every item, displays tend to look jumbled and disorganized. People’s lives are filled with noise and distraction. Don’t overload their senses with your consignment store design. Group merchandise by color, style or category to simplify the overall look of your store. To make items appear more exclusive and curated, limit merchandise on racks and shelves. Make sure there’s plenty of room within the aisles. Read Avoid the “butt-brush” effect with these store layout designs.

Signage Needs To Talk

Barbara Crowhurst from Retail Makeover asks a key question, “Can prospective customers look at your store’s signage and tell exactly what you sell?” She added that changing the name of your shop isn’t what’s necessary. If shoppers can’t tell what you sell by your name, add a 5 – 7 word tagline that quickly identifies you. Never write signs by hand. Don’t make some signs in color and others in black and white. Be sure your signage is consistent on the inside and outside of your store. Read How to make the most of your signage – Infographic.

Shopping Involves All 5 Senses

It’s one thing to minimize inventory and easily guide shoppers through your store. Are you engaging all 5 of their senses in the shopping experience? Just as grocery stores use brightly colored produce in the front of their stores, you need to engage shoppers through pops of color and special lighting. Use a simple, familiar scent that matches your store’s surroundings and branding. Play ambient music geared to your target demographic to keep them in the store longer. Plus, brick & mortar stores survive because they let shoppers easily touch items. Whenever possible, let your customers enjoy a treat from you too.

Lighting Is The #1 Sales Influencer

Successful consignment store design includes dramatic lightingWant to make more sales? Improve your store lighting:

  • Illuminate every corner of your shop
  • Create focal points. Repsly encourages use of incandescent lamps because “they’re sharper and brighter.” Dim the areas around the merchandise you’re highlighting to focus attention. If you’re using colored lights, “match the colors of your packaging or product to a light in the same color family.”
  • Light each shelf carefully
  • Brighten your cash wrap
  • Pay particular attention to your front window. A dedicated light track is perfect for drawing attention to your displays.

A Hidden Branding Spot

​Don’t let the wall behind your cash counter be underutilized. Change the color of the wall to draw greater attention. If you’re renting, add color by buying canvasses or canvas drop cloths from your local discount or dollar store and paint them the latest popular color. For better branding, enlarge your logo image and place it on the wall behind your POS. Read 13 ways to improve your consignment shop cash wrap. Use this area as a focal point for impulse buying or marketing purposes. Most importantly, the register should never be a place for the staff to “just hang out.”

Be Sure To Look Up And Down

Believe it or not, your floor and ceiling speak volumes about the safety of your shop and your professionalism. Is your carpet worn and dirty? Does it lay flat? Is the ceiling clean and fresh or are you missing ceiling tiles? If so, negotiations with the landlord are a must for your success. Read 3 steps to avoid “Consignment Tunnel Vision.”

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10 surprising consignment store Feng Shui tips

Consignment store Feng Shui for Dummies (that would be me)

To be perfectly honest, I don’t really understand the principles behind Feng Shui. I’m lucky to get my clothes picked up off the laundry room floor much less arrange my couch in a positive energy-flowing location. Feng Shui literally translates “wind” and “water.” Both are associated with good health. There are many who strongly believe in this life-giving system. Retail store which includes consignment store Feng Shui tips abound. Many of them were quite surprising to me. I’m giving you 10.

The first 3 Feng Shui principles for your store

1.) Never use fluorescent ceiling lights. They cause headaches and fatigue. Your store should be bright and well-lit equally in every area, but the correct bulbs are necessary. Proper lighting balances the “chi energy” in your store. It’s recommended that you have full-spectrum lighting which mimics natural outdoor lighting. Your second choice is LED.

2.) Create a focal point for your shoppers immediately when they enter. Use color, signs and lighting to draw the eye to one area. A main focus eliminates confusion and distraction. The shopper doesn’t feel overwhelmed. There is air to breathe.

3.) Don’t place a mirror facing the front door. According to the spruce, “the mirror pushes away all the good feng shui energy that is about to enter …” It is believed that a building absorbs it’s energy through the front door. If necessary, angle the mirror slightly to increase good consignment store Feng Shui. 

Don’t forget there is such a thing as lucky and unlucky Feng Shui

It’s highly recommended that you place your cash register in an area of lucky consignment store Feng Shui. However, you first have to know your “kua number.” Oh boy, this is where it gets difficult. So, knowFeng Shui.com offers a chart to help you figure out what your number is. It’s determined by the year you were born…according to the Chinese New Year. It turns out my Feng Shui kua number is 6. I’m not sure why, but that makes me feel very lucky.

4.) Place your cash register, according to the chart below, in the luckiest place if you’re seeking money and success (and who isn’t?) Locate it in the diagonal corner from your front door based on your lucky number. This will give you a better quality of energy.

Lucky number chart for consignment store Feng Shui

5.) Direct door alignment is also a no-no. In other words, don’t allow your back door to be in direct alignment with your front door. Since consignment store Feng Shui is all about the movement of energy, having your 2 doors aligned means that the energy (like water) would flow in one door and out the other. Use tall plants, a round table or other piece of furniture, or even painting the front door a stronger color than the back door as simple techniques to improve your store’s Feng Shui.

6.) Create good energy through a good emotional feeling. Having a good flow of fresh air, a lively scent, soothing music and comfortable lighting can lead to a good emotional feeling. Shoppers buy based on emotion, so make sure this one is properly taken care of.

Design for proper Feng Shui

7.) Create pathways to explore your store. Your customers should feel as though they are on a journey. Arrange your merchandise so that it’s surrounded by open spaces and separate your beautiful, brightly colored items so the eye can rest. For more tips on store design read, 6 quick and easy changes that will improve store design.

8.)  Take a good look at the outside of your store. “A strong flow of Feng Shui energy is created by a strong and clear presence, which includes a clean, crisp store name, well-lit, and fresh window displays, as well as by using appropriate colors,” thespruce adds. Make sure there is a clear pathway to the front entrance of your store.

9.) Place the name of your store inside. Everyone shopping should know where they are at all times. Your signage should be high and in a well-lit area.

10.) Finally, bad Feng Shui also comes from lack of order. This extends from your sales floor all the way to your stock room. Clutter should be removed from every area including your cash register, sales floor, back room and even the waste basket. Shoppers should never feel overwhelmed by “too much stuff.” Good Feng Shui comes from peace and organization.


6 Quick And Easy Changes That Will Improve Store Design

This article was updated from an article originally printed on May 30, 2014

Improve store design with these simple changes

When was the last time you made store improvements? Studies show that store layout and design can truly make or break sales. In fact, some experts believe the number 1 marketing tool for any store is its design. Definite design trends are taking shape for the two thousand teens. See how many you can apply to improve store design.

Design change #1   Clear clutter

Resale shops are notorious for clutter. In many cases, shoppers are genuinely surprised when a secondhand store isn’t cluttered. Retailers today, however, are working hard to cut inventory and reduce the overall size of their shops. Many are turning to online-only specials and shipping-from-the-warehouse options. Take a hard look at your store from front to back. Is it difficult to maneuver through the aisles? Can a mother easily move a stroller from one area to another? If your racks are too-tightly packed and your shelves are stacked, it’s time to purge. Sensory overload can quickly kill a sale. Millennials especially hate clutter and they’re immediately turned off by an overly crowded store.

Design change #2  Create an experience space

I don’t think I can hear or talk about it anymore, but this is the trend. Retailers draw shoppers in with customer experiences. Examples include in-store yoga classes at Lululemon, in-door basketball hoops at Nike stores and even a free laundromat in American Eagle. I am not suggesting you bring in your Maytag and start doing people’s laundry, but it is time to become a destination rather than just a resale shop. After all, if London department store Selfridges can offer potato peeling workshops, your options are unlimited. Start with demonstrations and classes then branch out from there.

Design change #3 Improve lighting

By improving your store lighting, you automatically increase store sales. Place lighting so that:

  • All corners of your shop are illuminated
  • You create focal points
  • Each shelf is carefully lit
  • Your POS area is bright
  • A dedicated light track is set up for your front window displays

Improve store design every yearDesign change #4   Store colors

Regardless of whether you own your building or rent, change the color of your shop’s walls at least twice a year to reflect the current color trends. Pick 1 or 2 focal wall(s) to add bold trendy colors. Leave the rest of the walls neutral. Buy canvasses from your local discount or dollar store and paint them the latest popular color. Or, create colorful backdrops that fold up and can be brought in with the change in seasons. Both are cheap ways to add fresh color.

Design change #5  Storefront

  • Signage –  Can prospective customers look at your sign and tell exactly what you sell? If not, changing the name of your shop isn’t what’s necessary. Add a 5 – 7 word tagline that quickly identifies you. Read How to make the most of your store signage – Infographic to learn other great ideas. Remember, keep the look of your signage consistent and NEVER use handwritten signs.
  • Window displays –  Create bold, colorful window displays at least twice a month. Your changing windows say your shop is busy, professional and up to date. Ask shoppers “How do we have the pleasure of your company today?” See if they mention your window displays. They are your #1 billboard for bringing customers through the door. Change all of your displays regularly so the shop stays fresh. Take note if customers linger in one particular area more than another.

Design change #6  The flow

In North America, studies show most people naturally look to the left upon entering, but move to the right and walk counterclockwise through a shop. Use a wider aisle on the right to encourage shoppers in that direction. Never lead them to a blank wall. Your cash wrap should be on the left side. Take advantage of the wall behind your cash counter too. Enlarge your logo and place it on that wall. For impulse buys or to market your latest promotion, use this area as a focal point. Your shop’s floor and ceiling speak volumes about the safety and professionalism of your shop. Is your carpet worn and dirty? Does it lay flat? Is the ceiling clean? Are you missing ceiling tiles? If so, negotiations with the landlord are a must.

Keep your store fresh and new, well-lit and clutter-free. It all leads to better sales.

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How To Design Your Resale Store To Attract The Next Generation

Design Your Resale Store For The Shopper Of The Future

Generation Z consumers (born between 1996 and 2010) are the first of their kind. They are the first generation of shoppers who have no idea what it’s like to not have the internet. They’re known as “Digital Natives.” For them, shopping has always included online research or at least the ability to. The previous generation, Millennials (born between 1977 and 1995), may have a better understanding of the time lapse between browsing and buying, but they don’t have the patience. As of today, Millennials have overtaken Baby Boomers as the largest group of consumers, but it will be Gen Z by 2020. Now’s the time to begin designing your resale store to appeal to these 2 younger generations.


Remember, it’s these 2 generations who are opting for minimal consumption. They like an open design where they can easily shop with a group of friends. Curate your merchandise closely and limit the number of racks on your sales floor. Both generations want easy access to your merchandise. Although Gen Z is willing to engage a sales rep, Millennials don’t want to be bothered. Neither generation is willing to waste time milling around. For Millennials, white was the color identified with “upscale” and “modern.” Both generations are looking for calm in a world of craziness so use soothing, soft colors in your design. If you’re painting, add colors from nature.


These 2 generations decide very quickly whether to remain in your shop or turn tail. Your entrance has to wow them. Use soft white lights or funky chandeliers. In addition to being uncluttered, the layout needs to be very clear. Your resale store’s product and prices have to be plainly displayed, and checkout has to be very fast. Don’t make it sterile, but make it clean. Interestingly, Gen Z shoppers tend to not look above eye level. Keep merchandise for this younger generation lower, possibly on shelves or in bins.


Clever, witty signage goes a long way in building loyalty with Millennials. They appreciate the openness. They also like creative mannequin displays and respond well to simple merchandising (i.e. color blocking). However, signage is virtually invisible to Generation Z. They are strictly focused on the product.

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Millennials want a personalized, “at-home” shopping experience. Gen Z shoppers just want to be treated like everyone else, with respect. Both generations enjoy anything interactive. Consider providing free, in-store WiFi or charging stations. Text marketing, mobile couponing, live Facebook sales, pop up shops and in-store events will definitely build relationships with these shoppers. Above all, your sales staff needs to put the shopper first, before the sale.

Brick and Mortar

According to RetailDIVE, half of Millennials still like shopping in a physical store. Of course, the flip side is half do not. Luckily, among Generation Z, 67% said they prefer to shop in store. However, Gen Z shoppers have very high expectations about shopping in your resale store. It needs to operate seamlessly and they’re not big on giving second chances. Make the environment relaxing with easy-listening music, nature sounds and even fresh scents.


Statistics show even those Millennials shopping online aren’t just shopping. Almost all of them (95%) are also working, chatting with friends or even watching a video. How do you begin to compete with this kind of distraction? Ultimately, the lines dividing digital and physical are blurring. Younger resale customers HAVE TO FIND YOU ONLINE. I can’t stress this enough. Vishaal Melwani, CEO of a menswear retailer said today’s younger consumer wants to”have the option of coming across a piece of clothing on Instagram, checking it out on the brand’s website, walking into the brick-and-mortar store to touch and feel the product, and then easily purchasing it on their mobile phone later.” Generation Z particularly likes the ability to purchase through social media.


Subscription-based fashion purchases really appeal to Gen Z. According to Chain Store Age, “73% of Gen Z shoppers are interested in curated subscription-type offering for fashion, and 71% are interested in automatic-replenishment programs.” Millennials enjoy loyalty programs, particularly those that provide free shipping.

Once you’ve added the shoppers, it’s time to add the consignors. Read, How to be a leader for Generation Z consignors.

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4 cheap and easy fall merchandising ideas

Fall merchandising was never so easy

1.) Hoops ‘n Loops

Fall merchandising with fabricOne of the easiest fall merchandising techniques uses different sizes of embroidery hoops or empty picture frames. Decide if you want to use yarn or 1″ strips Fall merchandising with yarnof fabric. Choose colors in wonderful rich autumn hues like orange, yellow, plum, brown and green. Separate the hoops so that you have two and wrap the yarn or fabric around the outside of each one. Tie the fabric off and hang them from the ceiling at varying heights with fishing line. The larger the hoops, the bolder the effect. Anthropologie used embroidery hoops by adding autumn colored tissue paper between the two hoops and hanging them with fishing line.

For Halloween, choose orange, black, grey and white as your colors.

 2.) Autumn leaf garland

If you have just a little bit more time, garlands are a fun and colorful way to spread fall cheer. An autumn leaf garland can be made from felt, card stock Fall merchandising with leaf garlandspaper, colored foam sheets or actual autumn leaves. String them together with raffia, Fall merchandising with a felt leaf garlandhemp twine or fishing line depending on the final outcome you’re looking for. A Beautiful Mess, offers a free template for the leaves. The garland can be used as either a backdrop in your front window, a wall decoration or strung across your ceiling to create an autumn wonderland.

3.) What goes better with leaves? Brooms!

Fall merchandising using broomsBelieve it or not, there are amazing ways to decorate your fall window with just brooms. Here are 2 ideas I found that use ordinary brooms to add some fun to your fall merchandising. The brooms with sunglasses could also wear scarves, boots and even hats. Add fishing line to the ends of the scarves and hang it from the ceiling to make them look like they’re blowing in a breeze. If you own a furniture store, create a broom family and place them in a tableau of chairs and tables.Fall merchandising using letters on brooms

The word “eek” could easily be changed to “FALL” with the addition of another broom and some autumn colored washi tape on the handles. Add colorful silk leaves, pine cones and burlap ribbon to complete the look. Hobby Lobby is the perfect place for the large letters. Finally, something as simple as hanging a grouping of brooms as a window back drop brings out the fall spirit.

Try putting a broom in the hand of your mannequin and scatter those leaves to show off fall sweaters and jeans too.

4.) Paper lantern pumpkins

I love paper lanterns! There are very few things in my opinion that make a party more festive than Japanese lanterns. Fall merchandising with Japanese lanternsHere is a great idea for turning lanterns into pumpkins. By cutting out large construction paper leaves, using twisted black construction paper for the stems and black pipe cleaners for the vines, you can create delightful fall pumpkins. Hang them at all different levels and angles using fishing line. The beauty of paper lanterns? They are currently on sale on Walmart’s website. Get started now!

Even though it may still be 90 degrees outside, now’s the time to begin planning your fall merchandising. If you need to do a little diy handiwork, you really need to get started. Get your sales staff in the mood for the coming season with new name tags made out of silk leaves or pumpkins. Add a wonderful fall scent to your shop. Whatever you do, create a delightful atmosphere with fun and colorful fall merchandising.