5 Tips For A Successful Store Event

June 18, 2014

Host a successful store event that will knock their socks off!

Just slapping some sale stickers on and putting a sign in your shop window isn’t enough to build the excitement your hoping for. A successful store event requires a lot of planning. Snap Retail offers some great tips for smaller shops through their Click & Mortar segments. The latest one talked about the importance of creating a “lasting impression” in the minds of your shoppers with a memorable store event.

Here are 5 planning suggestions:

1.) Tease

Pick a theme and begin sending out teaser announcements 3 to 4 weeks before the event. Use social media, emails, in-store signage and bag stuffers to create expectation.

2.) Invite

Around 2 weeks before the event, send out special invitations, especially to your very best customers. Use an online email invitation company such as Smilebox or create your own. Include the invitation on all your social media sites too. By all means use compelling graphics and give potential shoppers all the information they’ll need to attend.Get out your calendar for a successful store event

3.) Remind

Reminders need to be sent multiple times. Start 2 to 3 days prior to the event and even the morning of. Once again, use social media, emails, in-store flyers and signage as special reminders.

4.) Update

Immediately following the event, keep your followers updated with fun photos of your crowded shop. Include a thank you to those who participated and pictures of any prize winners. Ask customers to tag themselves in your photos or encourage them to post photos of their own from your store event. Read Customer content is the best way to promote yourself.

5.) Engage

Get as much feedback as you possibly can. Don’t be afraid to ask if shoppers liked the prizes, discounts, food, entertainment, etc. Find out as much as you possibly can so your next store event will be even more of a success.

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