31 opportunities for your shop to sizzle in December

November 29, 2017

This article was contributed by Neil Abramson, President of NARTS and co-owner of Cutie Patuties Children’s Consignment

End the year with a BANG!

As I write this, I am back fresh and rejuvenated from the NARTS Fall Seminar in Houston. It was wonderful to spend time with old friends and make new connections. The hotel, restaurants and southern hospitality were to die for. I loved getting the pink calculator out and talking numbers, and learning about “Going Live” was truly AhaMAZING. Recharged and focused, my team and I are ready to kick butt as we race for the end of the year.

That’s right, the year isn’t over yet! We still have 31 days ’til the ball drops and that means 31 opportunities to sizzle in December. You can definitely end the year on a HIGH note. This is not the time to stick with what you are comfortable doing, but to push comfort to the wind, make this the $ea$on for CHANGE.

31 days mean 31 ways to sizzle in December

To make the most of what’s left of 2017, make it a game. Each day, do something different to push yourself, your team and your store forward to the finish line. No effort is too small.

Maybe you will…

  • Do your first live video from your store.
  • Do your first live video from your closet.
  • Offer a Take-it-Tuesday with no appointments required for drop offs.
  • Sponsor a Sipping Sunday with “Champagne shopping on a juice box budget.”
  • Bring a pet or a pet photo and save on Furry Fridays
  • Celebrate a Saturday with $anta. Yes, even you, or your spouse can put on a suit to represent ole Saint Nick.

Sizzle in December like bacon frying in a panOnly you can bring the sizzle

You see how quick it is to come up with some sizzling ideas. They not only push you out of your comfort zone, they make you laugh. Hopefully, they’ll make your customers $mile and $pend! Remember, YOU can decide to sit and let the year fizzle out. Or, you can take the last 31 chances of 2017 to make it $izzle.

Keep on $elling,


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Neil Abramson

Neil currently serves as President of the National Association of Resale Professionals, and is a regular presenter and advocate of all topics resale and small business. Neil has represented Small Business with the National Retail Federation and lobbied with Congress and Senators on our behalf. Neil is Chief Financial Officer and Strategist of ECi Stores in Massachusetts, a 4 store plus processing center operation that includes New England's Largest Children's Consignment store Cutie Patutie's, Ladies, Teens, Home Decor and Furniture. Neil brings over 25 years of retail processing expertise and over 18 years of Resale experience.