How to be a Shop Small champion

September 15, 2014

A Shop Small Champion may be your next calling!

Shop Small Saturday, the one small business event that’s held on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was originally started by American Express in 2010. It’s a great way to emphasize the smaller businesses (which most consignment shops are) in your community and encourage shoppers to buy local. However, before the event even occurs, your neighborhood needs someone to be a Shop Small champion. Can you rally the shops around you and build an exciting Shop Small event? If you commit by October 16, Shop Small will provide a Small Business Saturday Event Kit for free.

Create an event

A Shop Small champion is required to plan an event in your area. Have no fear though. Shop Small provides some great ideas. Their suggestions include everything from a Kick-off Breakfast to a Family Fun Day. They’ll even provide you with an Event Guide . Plus, advertising materials to promote your important event. As a Shop Small champion, your Saturday event is the perfect time to highlight the importance of shopping resale as the most eco-friendly way to buy.

The benefits of working together

Getting businesses working together is beneficial for everyone. The community benefits by keeping their dollars close to home. Shops benefit not only from the additional revenue, but from the exposure that comes from a neighborhood-wide event. Shop owners benefit by building lasting relationships with those businesses around them. If you choose to be a Shop Small Champion, you’ll build a rapport with other local businesses that will be invaluable in the future.

Get started now

Finding a Shop Small Champion is key. If it isn’t you, find someone in your community willing to coordinate with local shops and plan that special day. Don’t forget to read the terms of participation. Consider becoming the Shop Small champion your community needs!


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