2 special days resale stores should observe in April

April 5, 2018

This post has been updated for 2019

Resale stores can benefit from these 2 holidays

Other than Easter and April Fool’s Day, this month doesn’t offer a lot of other exciting opportunities for special promotions. However, there are 2 days that resale stores should take advantage of this month.

Earth Day April 22, 2019

Since 1970, millions of people around the world have celebrated the beauty of earth on April 22nd. It’s a day to concentrate on the environment and how we as individuals can make a difference. What better way to make a difference than to shop resale! This year, Earth Day falls on a Sunday, making it a perfect day for resale stores to promote our industry. There are a number of special Earth Day opportunities:

  • Hold an Earth Day Sidewalk Sale
  • Host a DIY upcycle class and turn an everyday object into something new
  • Have your staff wear green and put every green item in your store on sale
  • Offer packages of seeds with every purchase
  • Give away reusable bags with your store logo and offer a small discount every time a shopper brings it in.
  • Run an outdoor photo contest
  • Serve organic snacks

Use Earth Day to build loyalty with your current customers and create new ones who are eco-conscious. Be sure to use the hashtag #EarthDay2019 or #ActofGreen in all of your social media.  Earth Day is every resale store’s day to shine.

National Get To Know Your Customers Day

On the 3rd Thursday of every quarter of the year, stores around the nation observe National #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay. The next one is on Thursday, April 18. It’s a perfect little I-could-use-a-quick-promotion idea. This is especially good for building your brand and your relationship with your customers. Be sure to use the hashtag on all of your social media. There are a variety of ways you could get to know your customers better:

  • Offer snacks and refreshments as a way to thank your shoppers on that day
  • Have customers fill out an online survey for the chance to win a prize. Read Unlock the mind of the shrewd consignment shopper to find out how to create a free online survey.
  • If you’re a SimpleConsign customer, use this day to build your customer profiles in our Customer Notes section. Ask about their favorite merchandise brands, colors and styles.
  • Make special name tags for your employees with an interesting fact about them. Ask each customer that comes through the door to tell you an interesting fact about themselves.
  • Create a poster with a couple of “2 truths and a lie” statements about your employees. If a customer answers them correctly, give them a prize. Let them tell you their own.

If National #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay is too close to Earth Day for you to promote both, don’t worry. The next National #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay is on July 18 and again on October 17. There’s plenty of time to put together a fun campaign. To look up other fun “holidays” go here.


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