How To Design Your Resale Store To Attract The Next Generation

August 25, 2017

Design Your Resale Store For The Shopper Of The Future

Generation Z consumers (born between 1996 and 2010) are the first of their kind. They are the first generation of shoppers who have no idea what it’s like to not have the internet. They’re known as “Digital Natives.” For them, shopping has always included online research or at least the ability to. The previous generation, Millennials (born between 1977 and 1995), may have a better understanding of the time lapse between browsing and buying, but they don’t have the patience. As of today, Millennials have overtaken Baby Boomers as the largest group of consumers, but it will be Gen Z by 2020. Now’s the time to begin designing your resale store to appeal to these 2 younger generations.


Remember, it’s these 2 generations who are opting for minimal consumption. They like an open design where they can easily shop with a group of friends. Curate your merchandise closely and limit the number of racks on your sales floor. Both generations want easy access to your merchandise. Although Gen Z is willing to engage a sales rep, Millennials don’t want to be bothered. Neither generation is willing to waste time milling around. For Millennials, white was the color identified with “upscale” and “modern.” Both generations are looking for calm in a world of craziness so use soothing, soft colors in your design. If you’re painting, add colors from nature.


These 2 generations decide very quickly whether to remain in your shop or turn tail. Your entrance has to wow them. Use soft white lights or funky chandeliers. In addition to being uncluttered, the layout needs to be very clear. Your resale store’s product and prices have to be plainly displayed, and checkout has to be very fast. Don’t make it sterile, but make it clean. Interestingly, Gen Z shoppers tend to not look above eye level. Keep merchandise for this younger generation lower, possibly on shelves or in bins.


Clever, witty signage goes a long way in building loyalty with Millennials. They appreciate the openness. They also like creative mannequin displays and respond well to simple merchandising (i.e. color blocking). However, signage is virtually invisible to Generation Z. They are strictly focused on the product.

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Millennials want a personalized, “at-home” shopping experience. Gen Z shoppers just want to be treated like everyone else, with respect. Both generations enjoy anything interactive. Consider providing free, in-store WiFi or charging stations. Text marketing, mobile couponing, live Facebook sales, pop up shops and in-store events will definitely build relationships with these shoppers. Above all, your sales staff needs to put the shopper first, before the sale.

Brick and Mortar

According to RetailDIVE, half of Millennials still like shopping in a physical store. Of course, the flip side is half do not. Luckily, among Generation Z, 67% said they prefer to shop in store. However, Gen Z shoppers have very high expectations about shopping in your resale store. It needs to operate seamlessly and they’re not big on giving second chances. Make the environment relaxing with easy-listening music, nature sounds and even fresh scents.


Statistics show even those Millennials shopping online aren’t just shopping. Almost all of them (95%) are also working, chatting with friends or even watching a video. How do you begin to compete with this kind of distraction? Ultimately, the lines dividing digital and physical are blurring. Younger resale customers HAVE TO FIND YOU ONLINE. I can’t stress this enough. Vishaal Melwani, CEO of a menswear retailer said today’s younger consumer wants to”have the option of coming across a piece of clothing on Instagram, checking it out on the brand’s website, walking into the brick-and-mortar store to touch and feel the product, and then easily purchasing it on their mobile phone later.” Generation Z particularly likes the ability to purchase through social media.


Subscription-based fashion purchases really appeal to Gen Z. According to Chain Store Age, “73% of Gen Z shoppers are interested in curated subscription-type offering for fashion, and 71% are interested in automatic-replenishment programs.” Millennials enjoy loyalty programs, particularly those that provide free shipping.

Once you’ve added the shoppers, it’s time to add the consignors. Read, How to be a leader for Generation Z consignors.

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