Find out which resale-loving celebrity is just like you

November 23, 2016

Take my resale-loving celebrity quiz

Several celebrities love thrift and consignment shopping. You’d be surprised at who buys resale and why. Take my quick resale-loving celebrity quiz and find out which one you’re closest to. Post your results and let your friends know!

[interact-quiz id=”5543bd4419da0c9c392747c5″ w=”700″ h=”700″]

Deb McGonagle

I have been a writer for various forms of marketing for awhile now. I've written my share of radio and TV scripts, magazine and newspaper ads as well as direct mail brochures and newsletters. Currently, as the Marketing Director for Traxia, home of SimpleConsign software, I've moved into blog posts, eBooks and website text. It's been an ever changing and ever challenging journey but I've loved it all along the way.