How they do resale in the Land Down Under

November 15, 2017

Resale in the Land Down Under goes by the name “Op Shop”

G’day Mate! (pronounced in English, “good eye might”) How ya’ going? So far, we’ve had a squiz* at secondhand shoppin’ in a few other countries. Raising the Resale Bar has visited resale in Japan (Resale in Japan delivers crazy fun), the UK (Consigning in the UK has a special name), Hong Kong (Consignment in Hong Kong is unbelievably creative) and Vietnam (Consignment in Vietnam delivers one big surprise). This week, we’re takin’ a squiz* at resale in the Land Down Under, better known as an “op shop.”

A quick geography lesson

Never choose me as your lifeline for a geography question on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” I am the worst. I may have a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock, as they say. So, I did a bit of research on exactly what countries are included in the “Land Down Under.” It turns out both Australia and New Zealand are technically considered “down under” because they’re in the Southern Hemisphere. Both of them are in this op-shopping extravaganza.

The “Op Shop”

An opportunity shop, otherwise called an Op Shop, generally refers to a charity thrift shop. Like in the US, many charities such as the SPCA, St. Vincent de Paul, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army (also referred to as “Sallies” and “Salvos”) have op shops to add to their revenue. Other charities, like Eastgate Op Shop are smaller community charity organizations. They offer the thrill of the hunt, plus extras like coffee and a $2 brownie or a generous loyalty card “scheme.”

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Resale in the Land Down Under is especially enjoyed by kangaroosBuying and selling is a doddle

In addition to thrift shops, both Aussies (pronounced Ozzies) and Kiwis (New Zealanders) love boutiques that specialize in high end resale. Two of those shops also happen to be SimpleConsign customers. Both are heaps good. Tatty’s Designer Recycle has 2 stores in Auckland, New Zealand and has been a customer of ours for almost 2 years. A recent review stated, “Not only do they make buying from them a breeze, selling is also a doddle. Drop off your items, use your online account to check the status of your items and wait to see how much money your second-hand garments have sold for!” (I’m trusting “doddle” is good.) Another customer of ours, Recycle Boutique, has a total of 8 locations throughout New Zealand. Their glowing review said, “With a great team and system on hand, selling your un-wanted clothes couldn’t be more straightforward and stress-free!” (I love that they mentioned our system).

Fair dinkum mate

According to research, there are more than 2400 op shops across Australia. The most popular online classifieds website in the UK, Australia and New Zealand is Gumtree. Like Craigslist, the ads are free and offer everything from used merchandise to houses for rent. Gumtree recently did research on resale in the land down under. The bottom line, according to Gumtree…Aussies are hoarders. A whopping 91% of them have unwanted items in their homes and 60% have sold some of those items within the last year. “Most Australians (86%) say they prefer buying second hand over brand new and this is motivated by the desire to save money,” the Gumtree report added. The top items being sold are housewares (called homewares) and furniture, followed by clothing and shoes.

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Visiting the Land Down Under?

Bring yer Mum for a heaps good day of op-shoppin’. Your wardrobe will be chocka* after a day and maybe you’ll find a Chrissie prezzy* or two for the tin lids*. We might even go to Maccas* for dinnies* afterwards.

*squiz = take a look at

*chocka = full

*Chrissie = Christmas

*prezzy = presents

*tin lids = kids

*Maccas = McDonalds

*dinnies = dinner

There is more than resale in the land down under


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