Resale in Japan delivers crazy fun

August 29, 2014

The Upstart Business Journal included an article about a consignment business start up. A comment was made about the number of consignment, resale and vintage shops found in Japan. I decided to do a little research and I found 2 great examples of resale in Japan.

Resale in Japan at Don Don Down on Wednesday

resale in JapanDon Don Down on Wednesday (affectionately known as D-D-DoW) is a popular chain with several dozen locations in Japan. This shop has one of the most unique discounting formulas I’ve seen. The price of items are marked by…fruits and vegetables. Yup, that’s right, fruits and veggies. Each item is assigned a fruit or vegetable tag that corresponds with a given price. The price drops every Wednesday thus explaining their very unique name. TokyoCheapo suggested, “it’s a fascinating The-Price-Is-Right-esque twist on the auction idea.” So, do you wait for your strawberry to become a mushroom, or do you buy now? resale in JapanThe receipts are even printed with the appropriate fruits and vegetables. It looks like you’ve been to the grocery store rather than a clothing store.

Hilarious merchandising trick

D-D-DoW uses a very clever merchandising ploy too. They turn all of their mannequins away from the shopper. One reviewer said he kept apologizing as he bumped into what he thought were people in the aisles. This is a fun way to shake up the look of your shop.

Resale in Japan at New York Joe Exchange

Resale in JapanNew York Joe Exchange is another popular Japanese resale shop. Their logo includes the universal recycling emblem. Plus, they’ve capitalized on the craze for all things American with their name and red, white and blue color scheme. This shop is unique because of their willingness to trade or, as we would term it, offer store credit. Resale in JapanNew York Joe Exchange puts one very different twist on the regular trade concept. According to TokyoCheapo, the trade credit is good for that day only. You cannot carry your balance over. That’s one way to make sure your yen stays in one place.

After reading about resale in Japan, find out how they do it in Vietnam.

Deb McGonagle

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