Modernizing Your Consignment Store

February 23, 2021

Have you ever noticed a lot of stores look slightly different every time you come in? You’re not going crazy. They do this on purpose so that you have to walk around more to find what you’re looking for. By changing your shop’s look often, you’ll have customers walking around more, which increases the chances of running into items they didn’t know they needed. Even if you have a smaller shop, changing things up will be refreshing for everyone involved. It’s a little different with consignment stores since you have to work harder to make the store look nicer. There is a huge confusion between consignment and thrift, which means you have to do your best to give the customer the best experience. This is why we’re here to give you ideas for modernizing your consignment store, try them out!

Organization is key

modernizing your consignment store

For any consignment store, organizing is key. Since every item is unique, the store can look cluttered quickly. Any small items in your shop can be displayed using shelves, an easy way to make your shop look good is by having furniture that matches or go well together. For consignment stores with clothing, the ideal way to go is to make it look and feel like a boutique. This can be done by coming up with categories and working on how the clothing is displayed. For example, separating clothing by season, and within those seasons separating them by color. Go around your shop often to make sure all the clothes are hung correctly, and the hangers aren’t tangled up. The organization is not only for the looks but also to make your job easier. Visit popular shops in your area to get some ideas.

Decorate like a boutique

modernizing your consignment store

Make sure that your shop looks great all the time. Keeping a clean and pretty shop helps customers feel good about entering your shop. Spend a little money fixing your store up; it will be so worth it. You can decorate in minimalistic ways to give the right impression. Here are some more ideas:

  • Clean as often as possible, dust the shelves, touch up dirty walls, and so on.
  • Give the walls a fresh coat of light paint. Light colors help an area to appear bigger and gives the area a modern look.
  • Organize the checkout counter to make sure it’s not cluttered. If you have many items around your checkout counter, get shelves and some storage bins to keep the items hidden.
  • Get some scent sprays and spray the shop often.
  • To make the clothes smell good, you can get some fabric softener, dilute it with water, put it in a spray bottle, and spray the clothes, so they always smell fresh.

Small details like these help your customers see your shop in a different light, to separate your consignment store from thrift stores.

Use social media

modernizing your consignment store

Social media is so relevant in today’s world, and it’s especially a good way to reach younger audiences. If you have updated social media, potential customers can take a look when considering visiting your shop. If you have an online consignment store, social media is an easy way to reach customers. In any sense, having a social media presence is beneficial. If you don’t consider yourself good at social media, find someone to do it for you. Any young person would be great at it since they are always on social media. Here are some digital marketing ideas for your shop:

  • Encourage your customers to post pictures with clothing from your shop, create a hashtag to find all the pictures, and share them on your social media.
  • Post on your story often.
    • Share your own post to your story to increase your audience’s chances of viewing your latest post since the algorithm has changed.
    • Post your new arrivals, deals, sales, etc.
    • Use the features on your stories such as asking questions, taking polls, and most importantly make the posts look pretty with stickers and captions.
  • Create a newsletter and offer exclusive deals for newsletter subscribers only.
  • Start a blog for your shop to increase interaction; this is especially important for online stores.

These ideas for modernizing your consignment store are easy and very possible. Hopefully, along the process, you will get inspired and come up with more ways!

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Paulette Squicimari