Meet the SimpleConsign Team

September 18, 2015

Meet the SimpleConsign Team at our best

Deb's Kindergarten picture for SimpleConsign

I’ve decided this week’s post is going to be all about us, the SimpleConsign Team…because I can. Over my career, I have worked in a variety of offices. From a bustling downtown newspaper’s ad department to the dreary basement of an in-house ad agency where the bigwigs sat upstairs. In my 40+ years of working, I have met some extremely creative and interesting people. I must say, however, the SimpleConsign Team exceeds them all. We know we are paving a new way in an ever-expanding industry and we love it.

Joe's grade school photoWe really are a Team

We truly enjoy working together as a team. There are 40 years between the age of the youngest staff member and the oldest (and no, I’m not going to tell you who is the oldest). In spite of our generational differences, we listen to one another. Actually, our different generations help us develop a better quality software. Often, I advise our young Developers that contrary to what you think, Boomers do not do things the same way Millennials do. As a Team,we’re passionate about building and improving the resale industry as a whole and we’re eager to know what you’re looking for. Our goal has always been to provide more than just web based software. We truly do view our customers as partners.

Take a spin on our About Us page

If you have not had a chance to read our “bios” on our website, I encourage you to do so. The About Us page offers photos of all of us in our younger years as well as some humorous anecdotes. One of our customers enjoyed reading them so much he had this to say,

“I’m having the worst day ever. Then, I walk into work at Just for You Resale Shoppe in downtown Grand Rapids, Ohio and it just gets worse. The stupid Galaxy tablet for our Square credit card reader took a dump. So, I get on the SimpleConsign, powered by Traxia website to take a look at Bluepay and I come across the About Us section. Let me just say that I now have (half) a smile on my face… I don’t know how I’ve missed the very humorous staff biographies, but they certainly helped me chuckle a bit. Bet you didn’t know they could help turn a bad day around!”

Joseph's grade school pictureJust for a good laugh

If you’d like to know a little more about us or you just need a good chuckle, head to our website and take a look at the About Us page. Scroll down just a little on the page and you can read about each one of us. I’m very proud of the men I work with (I can say that because I’m the only woman here). They have sacrificed time and in some cases different careers to be a part of this growing vision. The incredible growth of the resale, consignment, thrift and antique mall industries allow us many opportunities to add innovative features. We have the satisfaction of knowing we’re making a difference in the lives of shop owners across the United States, into Canada and even breaking into different countries. The SimpleConsign Team must be doing something right.


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