7 Tips To Easily Improve Your Website

November 21, 2014

Great ideas to easily improve your website

SimpleConsign went through the arduous process of updating our website. Although we made some major changes, I’ve found a few small changes can make a big difference in your customer’s response. Here are 7 tips to help you easily improve your website.

Tip #1 Respect the fold

Everything I have read about website design refers to the importance of “the fold.” The fold is that part of your website that is immediately visible when viewers arrive. If they have to scroll down to read more information then they are looking “below the fold.” CIO says, “put your call-to-action (such as a “buy now” button) in the upper portion of your website, along with your phone number and/or email address.” Usually 80% of visitors to your website never go below the fold.

Tip #2 Remove clutter

According to an infographic on QuickSprout, your shoppers take less than 3 seconds to find the information they’re looking for and to read your headline. Therefore, to improve your website information, you need to “remove extra chatter.” Cut down the number of words used and keep all of your information to the point.

Tip #3 Powerful logo

Your website is you according to those born after 1980 and your logo is part of that branding. A professional logo adds credibility and sets you apart from others. Place your logo in the upper left corner of your website and link it back to your homepage so that as shoppers navigate the site, they always know how to get back to the beginning.

Tip #4 High quality images

Either invest in a professional photographer or at the very least, use an excellent camera. Photos of your merchandise is what sells the product or drives customers in. To improve your website don’t skimp on this step. Use free sites such as Pic Monkey to crop and add some bling to your images.

Tip #5 Fresh content

Just like you change your store windows, you should be regularly adding new content to your home page. Keeping your home page new and exciting gives visitors the sense that you are current and fresh with trends in fashion and design.

Tip #6 Clean navigation

Navigation refers to how visitors move through your site. The more options you give, the more confused they get and that means the less they will view. Make it very clear what you want your visitors to do and use the same colors and typeface every time.

Tip #7 Add breathing room

In my early advertising days, it was known as white space. Putting space between paragraphs and images helps viewers absorb your information. It also puts the focus on key elements. Truly with web design these days, less is more.


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