6 Quick And Easy Changes That Will Improve Store Design

November 1, 2017

This article was updated from an article originally printed on May 30, 2014

Improve store design with these simple changes

When was the last time you made store improvements? Studies show that store layout and design can truly make or break sales. In fact, some experts believe the number 1 marketing tool for any store is its design. Definite design trends are taking shape for the two thousand teens. See how many you can apply to improve store design.

Design change #1   Clear clutter

Resale shops are notorious for clutter. In many cases, shoppers are genuinely surprised when a secondhand store isn’t cluttered. Retailers today, however, are working hard to cut inventory and reduce the overall size of their shops. Many are turning to online-only specials and shipping-from-the-warehouse options. Take a hard look at your store from front to back. Is it difficult to maneuver through the aisles? Can a mother easily move a stroller from one area to another? If your racks are too-tightly packed and your shelves are stacked, it’s time to purge. Sensory overload can quickly kill a sale. Millennials especially hate clutter and they’re immediately turned off by an overly crowded store.

Design change #2  Create an experience space

I don’t think I can hear or talk about it anymore, but this is the trend. Retailers draw shoppers in with customer experiences. Examples include in-store yoga classes at Lululemon, in-door basketball hoops at Nike stores and even a free laundromat in American Eagle. I am not suggesting you bring in your Maytag and start doing people’s laundry, but it is time to become a destination rather than just a resale shop. After all, if London department store Selfridges can offer potato peeling workshops, your options are unlimited. Start with demonstrations and classes then branch out from there.

Design change #3 Improve lighting

By improving your store lighting, you automatically increase store sales. Place lighting so that:

  • All corners of your shop are illuminated
  • You create focal points
  • Each shelf is carefully lit
  • Your POS area is bright
  • A dedicated light track is set up for your front window displays

Improve store design every yearDesign change #4   Store colors

Regardless of whether you own your building or rent, change the color of your shop’s walls at least twice a year to reflect the current color trends. Pick 1 or 2 focal wall(s) to add bold trendy colors. Leave the rest of the walls neutral. Buy canvasses from your local discount or dollar store and paint them the latest popular color. Or, create colorful backdrops that fold up and can be brought in with the change in seasons. Both are cheap ways to add fresh color.

Design change #5  Storefront

  • Signage –  Can prospective customers look at your sign and tell exactly what you sell? If not, changing the name of your shop isn’t what’s necessary. Add a 5 – 7 word tagline that quickly identifies you. Read How to make the most of your store signage – Infographic to learn other great ideas. Remember, keep the look of your signage consistent and NEVER use handwritten signs.
  • Window displays –  Create bold, colorful window displays at least twice a month. Your changing windows say your shop is busy, professional and up to date. Ask shoppers “How do we have the pleasure of your company today?” See if they mention your window displays. They are your #1 billboard for bringing customers through the door. Change all of your displays regularly so the shop stays fresh. Take note if customers linger in one particular area more than another.

Design change #6  The flow

In North America, studies show most people naturally look to the left upon entering, but move to the right and walk counterclockwise through a shop. Use a wider aisle on the right to encourage shoppers in that direction. Never lead them to a blank wall. Your cash wrap should be on the left side. Take advantage of the wall behind your cash counter too. Enlarge your logo and place it on that wall. For impulse buys or to market your latest promotion, use this area as a focal point. Your shop’s floor and ceiling speak volumes about the safety and professionalism of your shop. Is your carpet worn and dirty? Does it lay flat? Is the ceiling clean? Are you missing ceiling tiles? If so, negotiations with the landlord are a must.

Keep your store fresh and new, well-lit and clutter-free. It all leads to better sales.

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