3 quick tips to improve consignment sales

October 10, 2014

Improve consignment sales by improving how you sell

Bridget Brennan, author of Why She Buys recently contributed an article on Forbes. The title, “How Brick and Mortar Can Play to its Strengths,” shows there is a definite need for physical shops to combat the popularity and convenience of e-commerce. She offers some easy tips to help retailers (which can also be used to improve consignment sales) in ways an e-commerce store can’t.

1.) Friendly service is critical

Brennan stresses the one thing brick & mortar shops have going for them is the ability to create a true shopping experience. Part of that experience includes incredible customer service. She writes, “Train your team to greet customers with a smile, a sincere hello and eye contact within the first 30-seconds of entering the store.” Statistics have shown that having friendly salespeople can improve sales as much as 23%!

The Whizbang! Tip of the Week #617 suggests adding a little something special to your sales experience. He sites several examples. One is as easy as the way Nordstroms hands you your purchase when the transaction is finished. They come around the counter rather than schlepping the bag over the top. Just one more way to add a friendlier touch.

2.) Sell inspiration

According to Brennan, a successful retailer doesn’t just sell a product, they sell an inspiration. She points to the popularity of Pinterest as an example. Look at your shop as a whole. Great merchandising is key. What is the image your shop is portraying? Brennan says, “…create vignettes that demonstrate how products go together.” Even a store’s signage can be used to add inspiration rather than just direction.

3.) Entice all the senses

E-commerce (at least at this point in time) cannot give a shopper the full experience of smell and touch. Physical contact is still a definite advantage for brick & mortar shops. Did you know that scent is the strongest sense influencing memory recall and emotions? Emotions happen to drive 80% of decision making…buying. Brennan encourages shop owners to use lighting, great music, special scents and the ability to touch the merchandise to create a total experience. She challenges retailers by asking, “how many senses can be engaged within the four walls of your store?”


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