4 ingredients to sweeten holiday sales

November 15, 2018

Holiday sales begin with customer satisfaction

In 2014, I shared survey results from Time Trade about shopping habits. See, Why your shoppers leave empty handed. In that survey, 90% of indecisive shoppers left a store empty handed because they couldn’t find a knowledgeable sales associate. Four years later, your sales reps are clearly paying more attention, but new information suggests other ways you can boost holiday sales. Here’s what the 2018 survey said.

Make more holiday sales by knowing what shoppers wantIngredient #1  Personal Service

Although it’s the busy holidays, setting aside time to meet personally with your very best customers will go a long way to boosting holiday sales. Clearly, shoppers today are looking for a personal connection. Could it be because so many of us have our heads stuck in our phones? They want engagement. It could be online, on the phone or in person, but they will loyally shop with the store that gives them this type of attention. Consider adding Reserve with Google. You will be given a list of a number of companies that do automatic appointment booking for you. Prices vary, but one, Appointy offers a free version.

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Ingredient #2  Hold events or classes

The holidays are a perfect time to hold an event. As you can see, nearly 80% of customers want to attend events or classes. According to Time Trade, “Buyers are also more likely to buy, or buy more,  if a brand offers events or classes relating to the product.” Sweeten holiday sales with a special Christmas event. Read Relax! Your 4th quarter  marketing calendar is done to get ideas and tips for the last 4 weeks before Christmas.

Ingredient #3  Beef up your social media

According to Time Trade, 90% of survey respondents say they search online “frequently” or “all the time” to find stores and products. Now more than ever, you’ve got to be on your game when it comes to social media. Post and tweet often. I’ve even given you a list of daily holiday hashtags in 24 days of holiday hashtags beginning December 1st. Show new products. Highlight store employees and capture shopper’s attention with quizzes or surveys. Whenever possible, use GIFs and video to make a greater impact. Encourage customers to post their selfies with your merchandise. Read Customer content is the best way to promote yourself.

Ingredient #4  Train your sales staff

Although down to 74% from 90%, shoppers are still searching for knowledgeable sales reps. The more you train your sales staff, the more they’ll be able to sell. How training changes everything in sales gives you lots of ideas to improve your sales staff’s effectiveness. Don’t skimp on training even during the busy holidays. Lead by example. The holidays are a time to work in your business not on.


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