Hidden Costs of Installed Software

May 30, 2021

Are you choosing between installed software or cloud software? Some people believe the choice is simple, choose the one-time payment with annual fees that installed software provides rather than a cloud-based software that requires monthly payments. Although both have their own pros and cons, one seems to have more cons than pros based on the hidden costs and risk factors often overlooked. Let’s dive into the hidden costs of installed software.

Any natural disaster

hidden costs of installed software

No matter where you live, you’re not safe from any natural disaster. Whether it’s an earthquake or a tornado, Mother Nature can find you. Especially after experiencing the pandemic, we were all humbled with the reminder that we cannot control everything. With all the money and effort invested into a software system, you want to be sure that it’s safe from the unpredictable. Natural disasters are a huge reason to choose cloud-based software so that even if your equipment gets damaged, you still have control over your store.

Incidents in your store

hidden costs of installed software

Whether it’s a flood or a break-in, you are pretty much out of luck if any incident goes on in your store. Any incident is likely to result in lots of money spent on recovering, and while none of that is in your control, your software is. With cloud software, all those worries will be wiped away, leaving room to do damage control.

Computer malfunction

hidden costs of installed software

Technology is great… when it works. If this happens with installed software, you’re looking at quite the headache. With installed software, you don’t have the safety net that cloud-based software provides. Any computer malfunction is likely to result in lots of spending to get it fixed. With installed software, you have that to worry about the software as well. If you have cloud-based software, you have an easier fix on your hands.

Inability to check on your store remotely

cloud-based software remote checking

As a store owner, you want to be there all the time, but the likelihood of that happening is slim. For the times when you’re not there if you have installed software, you don’t have the peace of mind of checking in on your store remotely. This can be a restricting feeling which won’t allow you to relax. Find comfort in software that allows you to stay connected 24/7.

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Paulette Squicimari