Head to your local consignment store now and make some money!

I imagine you’re like me. You longingly peruse magazines promoting organization, minimalism and decluttering. The bottom line…we have too much crap! All of us. Whether it’s fashion purchases or keepsakes we need to let go of, we’re inundated with stuff. It’s time to head to the local consignment store and make some cash. When you sell through a consignment store, you’re placing your items in the hands of a merchant. That merchant in turn displays, promotes and sells your items for you. You receive a portion of the sale depending on your agreement with the store. It’s that simple. Need more proof?

1.) Limited hassle

Well yes, you have to gather up your items and take them to the store. After that, the consignment store handles 100% of the sale. Make sure you know the policies of the store you’re consigning through. Clothing must be free of stains and odors, and often hung on hangers. Generally, furniture consignment stores require photos in advance before accepting your items. Plus, the store may only accept certain brands or seasons. Know the rules before you go. Thankfully, the consignment store already has an established audience. No need for you to find buyers.

2.) No Risk

No consignment store in their right mind would consign thisThere is literally zero risk to you. If the store offers you money upfront to purchase and resell your items, they’re known as a Buy Outright or Resale store. A consignment store will look through your items and accept those they know their market wants. Try not to get your feelings hurt when that one-piece bathing suit that looks like an avocado doesn’t get accepted. Deep down, you knew you shouldn’t have bought it anyway. It’s time to donate it. However, you will get your money when your other items sell depending on your contract.

3.) Save Time

Have you ever tried to sell something online by yourself? You take pictures and post them on a local Facebook swap group. Buyers ask questions. Does it come with any accessories? Do you have the original box? Will you take less? The beauty of selling through a consignment store is you don’t have to negotiate with the buyer. There’s no responding to emails, phone calls or Facebook questions. No need to arrange to meet the buyers somewhere safe. Everything is taken care of for you.

4.) Best Price

Without experience, how do you know the best price to ask? A consignment store takes the guesswork out of pricing. I once advertised a mini chest freezer for sale. We had used it for a few years, but it was in pristine condition. Having spent very little for it, I charged $45. The page lit up. “I’ll take it!” “Can I pick it up now?” “Where are you located?” I quickly realized I hadn’t charged enough for it. Stores know what the market will bear and the best price to charge.

5.) No Shipping

When selling through a consignment store, you don’t have to calculate taxes or shipping costs. Plus, there’s no packaging or trips to the post office. All you do is pick up a check or go out to your mailbox.

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