Consignment Inventory Reduction Strategies

June 28, 2021

Do you have too much clutter in your store? It’s time to use your creativity to get rid of those items that have been around for too long. Using our consignment inventory reduction strategies you can clean out your shop and make some customers very happy.

The makeover

If you don’t want to have a sale but you want to get rid of some items, give your shop a makeover. This tactic is one many stores use as I’m sure you’ve noticed. It helps customers become lost leading them to find new areas they never knew existed. So take a look at your store and find a way to make a new, more efficient layout. It’ll also give you and your employees something different to look at.

Bag sale

Get some bags and sell them for a set price, anything the customers can fit into the bag is theirs for that set price. Depending on how far you want to go, this can be a marketing opportunity. Get some bags with your store’s name or logo on them and your customers will do some free marketing for you.

Mystery sale

This is similar to the bag sale but in this case, they don’t know what they’re getting. Gather the items that won’t sell along with some better items and sell them in a bag or box for a set price.

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Celebrate any holiday

If you take a look at National Today you’ll see we have a lot of holidays. If you’re feeling festive, find a random holiday you want to celebrate and have a sale.

Loyal customer sale

Give your loyal customers a sale! If you have an email list, send them a specific sale graphic that only they have access to. Use whatever form of communication you have with your customers to give them a special sale.

Weekly sale

Find a day of the week to have a sale, similar to how restaurants have deals on certain days of the week. Customers enjoy repetitiveness because it makes it easy to keep track of. Look at your stats and find your busiest day of the week, this may be the best day.

Paint the picture

For any type of store, clothing, furniture, etc, you can gather items that go well together to give your customers inspiration. A difficult part of the shopping experience in a resale or consignment store is not having the creativity to see the potential of certain items since typical chain stores will have styles that go well together. Fix this problem for your customers by creating scenes for them that they will feel they need in their life.

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Paulette Squicimari