It can feel impossible to figure out how to please a generation you aren’t a part of or don’t have much experience with. That’s why I’m here to tell you what the younger generation wants to see. As a part of this younger generation, I feel qualified to tell you a little bit about what we appreciate. I am a part of Generation Z, but I am still old enough to where I remember when the first iPhone came out. However, I don’t always understand ’90s babies references even though I was born in the ’90s. I feel like I’m in a weird area between Millennial and Gen Z, think of me as a middle child of the generations.

Encouraging the younger generations to shop consignment is important, mostly because we have seen a huge rise in fast fashion. Gen Z especially enjoys affordable clothing which makes them fall for cheap clothing easily. They are becoming aware of the negative side of that though, which means they are looking for alternatives. If you have a clothing consignment store, you have everything they are interested in but just don’t know it yet. You already have a common interest, roll with it. Aside from affordable clothing, here’s how to capture the attention of the younger generation.


The younger generation loves innovation, whatever the reason may be, they love fresh ideas. If your shop has any sort of new concept, they will be beyond interested. Find ways to make your shop stand out to the young generation. This could be an existing concept with your own twist. I’ve recently seen consignment boxes, you answer some questions and they send you a box of consigned items.  Even a photoshoot or modeling event would be fun. Think outside the box and try new things.


Be true to your shop’s mission, whether it is to give back to the community or change the mindest on consignment don’t let that go. Another way to be consistent is by always giving good service, make sure you have a friendly staff at all times. Rude staff can really damage the relationship with a new customer, especially if it happens more than once. Make it your mission to give the best customer service every time, even if it is only making small talk while checking out. Be consistent in everything you do, communicate with your audience to get feedback on everything.


Growing up with such fast shipping creates an impatient mind, it’s just easy to lose interest once a package takes weeks to deliver. Make sure your shipping is quick and keep the person updated on their tracking. You can also entice them to order online by offering a deal, such as free shipping after $50. Personalize the item that is shipped, write a thank you note, or throw in some stickers. Small details are sure to reach the heart of the young generation thus creating a long-term customer. Fast shipping has become very popular so be sure you have the best service when selling online and shipping.

Ethical businesses

The younger generation has become aware of many issues that surround us, this may be due to technology and the way we are connected to people all over the world. Either way, they are sure to love your consignment store for the contribution to the circular economy. Make sure t0 speak about the importance of consigning to educate all the generations. Use your platforms to do educate and remind people of the benefits of shopping consignment. Consider having events at your shop or through zoom to educate people, as well as having events to donate to local charities.


Personalized experiences are the best way to get loyal shoppers. I mentioned handwritten notes earlier which goes into personalization, but you can find other ways to do this. Such as following everyone back on social media, posting special deals only for those who follow your social media, etc. Listen to your audience and notice what your competitors are doing to give their customers a personalized experience. Here is a great source for ideas on personalizing shopping experiences.

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