How to build your brand through your front window

May 22, 2018

Use your display windows to build your brand

Sometimes, the day-to-day business of running a shop gets in the way of quality merchandising. Remember, your store’s front windows are the first big impression for shoppers to learn about you. They can set you apart from your competition and make you the most memorable store on your street. Branding isn’t just a logo and a sign. It’s so much more. Here are a few tips to build your brand through your display windows.

Define your brand

The bottom line, you are your store’s brand. As a small business owner, you cannot live, breathe and be something you’re not every day. So, part of building your store’s brand includes defining who you are. Is your personality outgoing and fun? Then your store’s brand should be too. Are you a bit more bohemian and kitschy? What about refined and classic? That’s your brand. Everything about your business, including your display windows, should reflect that. Read 5 sure-fire ways to beef up your shop’s brand identity to get more ideas.

Develop a brand chart

In addition to a seasonal or sales merchandising schedule, keep a brand chart. Include on your store’s chart various props that you have or need for your display windows. Those props help build your brand. For instance, find bolts of fabric with your store’s logo colors. Choose mannequins based on your brand. Keep particular furniture display pieces on hand (but be willing to sell them if asked). Each of these items help highlight your brand. When you get ready to change your displays, you’ll have the tools you need to keep building.

Pick a brand theme

Once again, keep your store’s brand in mind. Everything you do should reinforce who you are. You’re essentially telling a story. The story of you. If your brand is refined luxury, then the theme of your display windows should be luxurious with metal, glass and lights. Then, add your merchandise in around your brand theme, but make sure the way you reveal it builds your brand.

Build an overall brand environment

It doesn’t matter how attractive your display windows are. You are only what your customers say you are. Everything about your store communicates your brand message. Your physical location, the employees you’ve hired, the colors you’ve painted your store’s walls and even the smell of your store relay a message. Create an overall environment from the front to the back of your store.

Deb McGonagle

I have been a writer for various forms of marketing for awhile now. I've written my share of radio and TV scripts, magazine and newspaper ads as well as direct mail brochures and newsletters. Currently, as the Marketing Director for Traxia, home of SimpleConsign software, I've moved into blog posts, eBooks and website text. It's been an ever changing and ever challenging journey but I've loved it all along the way.