Bring Customers in For Back-to-School Consignment Shopping

August 9, 2021

Back to school is an expensive time; it all adds up quickly from buying school supplies, clothes, or even dorm decor for your college students. Your store can provide customers great merchandise for a reasonable price. This year is significant because, according to the NRF, families plan to spend an average of $848.90 on school items, which is $59 more than 2020. Use this time to bring customers in for back-to-school consignment shopping and save them a huge chunk of money.

Know your tax-free weekend

Bring Customers in For Back-to-School Consignment Shopping

Tax-free weekends are an excellent way to save even more money than your customers are already saving by choosing consignment. Make sure your customers know you will be participating. Here are the 2021 tax-free weekends.

Sales sales sales

Bring Customers in For Back-to-School Consignment Shopping

Start by gathering the merchandise that seems fitting for back-to-school time. People love the convenience of knowing exactly where to go, notice how big stores do this for back-to-school and every other important time in retail. Once you have all your merchandise gathered, start figuring out what items should have sales—for example, a discount on jeans.

If your store sells furniture or decor, college students are your main target during this time. Market directly to that audience using your social media accounts and emailing customers. You can also reach out to the institutions, news, or any local way to reach that audience. You can also create a section dedicated to students or discount items students need, such as desks, organizers, chairs, etc.

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Paulette Squicimari