A Consignment Store’s Guide to Valentine’s

January 28, 2021

Valentine’s Day is almost here, can you believe it? Time has been going so fast and it’s hard to catch up but don’t worry I’m here to guide you through it. Let’s start with the basics, first, there’s decoration. Decoration matters because it reminds people about Valentine’s Day which then urges them to shop for it. Then come the actual offers and deals. You will have two kinds of customers, as a clothing store you will have the customers looking for the perfect date night look or the perfect outfit for the V-Day event they are attending. The other kind of customer will be the partner shopping for their valentine. Both of these kinds of customers will need some direction so here is a consignment store’s guide to Valentine’s.

Window display for Valentine’s Day

A Consignment Store's Guide to Valentine's

I’ve talked about window displays before, they’re how you can attract customers that are just passing by. Create something that lets shoppers know they need to come into your shop for their Valentine’s Day gifts. Here are some color palettes to get some inspiration from. Be sure to print signs that promote any offers, deals, or sales you may have for V-Day.

Valentine’s Day Clothing

A Consignment Store's Guide to Valentine's

Gather all your items that fit Valentine’s Day vibe and place them together. Make shopping easy for those who need the perfect outfit for the day of love. Depending on what kind of shop you have, you can categorize it. Such as, place all dresses in the same area, separate them by occasion such as cocktail dress, gown, maxi dress, the list goes on and on. If you sell jewelry at your shop, bring attention to that section of your shop. After all, they will need the perfect accessory to finish off their look.

Gift wrapping

A Consignment Store's Guide to Valentine's

Many people will be searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for their SO, offer gift wrapping at your preferred cost to help them out. You can decide how much you want to charge for that if you choose to. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, as an example you can buy white tissue paper and red bags to create a simple gift bag. There are many affordable options out there, search around and find the bags you feel represent your shop perfectly.

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Paulette Squicimari