3 Ways to Improve Your Consignment Store Team

September 14, 2021

Managing a group of people who are responsible for keeping your store at its best isn’t easy. Everyone has their own personality and unique circumstance. A lot can easily slip through the cracks and cause issues. To prevent that, I’ve gathered 3 ways to improve your consignment store team.

1 Team bonding

3 Ways to Improve Your Consignment Store Team

A good team has to work just like that, like a team. For that to happen, they have to get along well. Encourage your team to get to know each other on a personal level. Here are some ideas:

  • Depending on their age and interests, take them to get drinks or ice cream
  • Have a monthly or quarterly team lunch or dinner
  • Take the team out to go bowling or to play laser tag

2 Training, training

3 Ways to Improve Your Consignment Store Team

To have a strong team, everyone has to know what they’re doing. Have you ever had an employee make a lot of mistakes? This may be an indication that they need a refresher on the software. In general, going through training again and asking questions can help any employee feel better. When you’re new and going through training, you haven’t experienced too much. Once you’re out and working, you may run into issues you didn’t think of before. Not everyone is good at asking for help. Similarly, not everyone is good at teaching.

SimpleConsign does free weekly live training, has your employees sign up. We’d love to have them!

Cashier training

Manager training

3 Weekly check-ins

3 Ways to Improve Your Consignment Store Team

It’s important to have an environment where open communication is not only accepted but encouraged. Issues are bound to come up. Ignoring the possibility of them won’t help—better safe than sorry on this one. Have a weekly check-in, or however long you prefer, with your employees to make sure you know what’s going on. The reality is, issues may be happening without your knowledge. If the opportunity doesn’t come up to talk about these issues, they can get increasingly worse when they could have been handled from the beginning. Avoid this, have a happy staff, and keep those employees around longer!

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Paulette Squicimari