3 Ways to Celebrate National Consignment Day 2021

September 21, 2021

National Consignment Day lands on October 4th this year. It lands on the first Monday of October every day. This holiday was established by none other than The Real Real in 2017. Ever since, this holiday has become the day to celebrate the circular economy, while we have more freedom this year, get creative on some ways to celebrate National Consignment Day 2021. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

1. Social media

This is a day for everyone to come together. When The Real Real created this holiday, they created the hashtags #NeverThrowAway and #NationalConsignmentDay. Make posts to your Instagram showcasing anything consignment and use those hashtags, bringing attention to the day and putting your store in the spotlight.

2. Add more consignors

National Consignment Day is all about promoting sustainability. It’s the perfect opportunity to encourage people to consign their clothes at your store. Unfortunately, some people throw away items without giving it a second thought. This may be because they don’t realize they can make money from their clothes. Invite people to cosign their items at your store, and both parties will benefit from it. Set up a zoom or in-person appointment to meet your new consignors.

3. Donate

Everyone needs to donate, especially on National Consignment Day! Here are some ideas to help you encourage your community to donate and it all starts in your own shop.

  • When you reject an item, encourage that consignor to take that item to get donated.
  • Look around your shop for items that have been around for a while with no success. Donate those items!
  • You can make this an event.
    • Have people bring items to consign, and for everything that you can’t accept, ask the customer for permission to donate the item

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Paulette Squicimari