Tips and Tricks To Grow Your Businesses Pinterest

October 26, 2020

Pinterest is the place everyone heads to when they need some inspiration. If you have a business, you should definitely consider a Pinterest account. With all the events of 2020, now is a great time to grow your businesses Pinterest. As The New York Times put it, “Pinterest aims to be a safe and happy place for inspiration, self-improvement and salted caramel cookie recipes.” Here are some tips and tricks to grow your businesses Pinterest that have worked for us:

Improve your businesses Pinterest pins

Most people use Pinterest on their phones, this means you must cater to that audience by making your images tall instead of wide. These images just show better on mobile devices. Once your post has caught the viewer’s eye they are going to click on it and head straight to the description. Depending on what kind of post it is, tell them the action they need to take such as buying supplies, the steps it takes, or any other helpful information. Your image can even contain a few different images in it that show steps such as the steps it takes to plant a succulent. Another benefit of a good description has keywords. If your post is about planting succulents when someone searches that your post is more likely to appear. In the case that you are posting your product, that post can have a direct link to the product on your website. If someone went on Pinterest looking for succulent pots and yours is on there, that is an easy way to market your item.

Grow your businesses Pinterest

Create relevant boards for your Pinterest

Boards are good for organizing your content and showing viewers how well rounded your business is. Not all your boards have to directly relate to your business, if you are passionate about recycling or nature you can create boards about those other interests. This won’t hurt because people visit Pinterest to discover new things. You may gain a few followers for your recycling posts but once they see your product they may decide to purchase it. Of course, most of your boards should relate to your product. For example, if you sell pots you can make a board specifically for anything pot-related such as planting, cleaning, and showcasing your products.

Grow your businesses Pinterest

Check your Analytics

Your analytics are extremely informative. They will show you your top pins and boards. I would start by looking at which board is doing best and put most of your energy on growing that one. It may also be beneficial for you to look at what your audience is most interested in, this can inspire you to post more. Speaking of posting, if you post often your analytics will be more accurate and detailed. You will have to be patient when waiting on helpful analytics, utilize that time by researching. Spending a lot of time on the app is a great way to research and is not as unproductive as it may feel. Once your analytics show you what your audience likes, experiment with the advice they give you. You may also look at what your competitors are posting and get some ideas.

Grow your businesses Pinterest

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Paulette Squicimari