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SimpleConsign Consignment Software

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The First In Web Based Consignment Software

Have your shop up and running in 15 minutes

Point of Sale (POS)

  • Buy, sell and consign all in the same transaction
  • Make changes easily
  • Smooth and quick item searches

It’s a piece of cake!

Point of Sale (POS) Checkout Tab

Consignor Management

  • Consignor information all on one screen
  • Quickly add inventory
  • Convenient payout options

Easy as pie!

Consignor Management

Inventory Management

  • Numerous options for searching inventory
  • Quick add, track and search function
  • Conveniently copy similar items to reduce time

It’s quick, easy…a snap!

Inventory Management

Customer Care

  • Choose the amount of information you want to collect
  • Easily track buying habits
  • Gather trends for business projections

Like falling off a log!

Customer Menu


  • Give your customers the option of putting items on layaway
  • Tracks your layaways and tells you when they expire
  • Set a minimum down payment percentage and a standard number of days for a layaway

As easy as ABC!

SimpleConsign Layaway

Consignor Access

  • Consignors view their items and account balances online in real time
  • Ability to charge a consignor access fee
  • Custom URL so consignors access their account from your website

Upgrade to Consignor Central for custom notifications, contracts and company branding!

Easy does it!

Consignor Access

Credit Card Processing

  • Fully integrated
  • A meet or beat price guarantee
  • Available to anyone whether you use SimpleConsign or not

It’s a breeze!

SimpleConsign's recommended credit card processors: *BluePay and *Priority

Credit Card

Additional Features

  • Multi-store Features
  • Reward Points System
  • eCommerce

It’s not rocket science!

Checkout with reward points
Traxia partners and customers

Our Partners

At Traxia, we believe you don’t need another business expense, you need a business partner. Your success is our future.

The only way the consignment, resale and antique mall industries can continue to grow is if we work together to build a strong community. Here are just a few team members on our roster that use SimpleConsign consignment software.

A Message from the President

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Customers Who Love SimpleConsign Consignment Software

Blank sign because they don't know how to name a consignment shop

Are you thinking about opening a consignment shop?

If you are new to the consignment business, we know the learning curve can be extremely stressful. To help guide you through this new business venture, we have put together some helpful tips. Request our “Getting Started” Success Kit to get ideas on everything from naming your business to setting up a business plan.

We want to help make sure you are covering all your bases in setting up your shop, from building a business plan, picking the right name, and choosing the right consignment software.  SimpleConsign is dedicated to seeing our industry succeed and we’re doing it one shop at a time.