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Point of Sale

Let’s face it, a smooth customer experience is key to the success of your business. That’s why we’ve designed our Point of Sale (POS) system to be truly user-friendly. With SimpleConsign, you can conveniently conduct sales, buy outright and consign items all in the same transaction. SimpleConsign’s powerful POS handles returns, voids, split payments and even online credit card processing. Give the whole transaction a discount or easily discount a single item. You can search for items by name, SKU, ISBN or enter a new item at the time of sale. If you start a transaction and need to return later, SimpleConsign allows you to save the transaction.

It’s a piece of cake!

Point of Sale (POS) Checkout Tab

Consignor Management

Your resale business is about people whether shoppers or consignors. With SimpleConsign, managing your consignors has never been easier! SimpleConsign’s revolutionary one-screen approach lets you easily and accurately find information about each consignor. Quickly view their inventory, account balance, account activity and payout history all from one screen. Add consignment inventory one at a time or in a batch. Pay consignors individually or in a batch as well. SimpleConsign easily integrates with Quickbooks too for consignor payouts by check. Need to donate some items? Just check all items you want donated, set the status to DONATED click Submit and you are done!

Easy As Pie!

Consignor Management

Inventory Management

Time is money. You don’t need the hassle of reviewing page after page of reporting to locate inventory items. With SimpleConsign’s QUICK search, tracking and adding inventory is a snap. Search by name, category, brand, color, or other keywords you enter in the search field. The more you type, the more concise your search becomes. Consignor inventories can be searched as a group or by an individual consignor. Plus, Store Inventory and Consignment Inventory can be tracked separately.

Adding inventory is quick and easy too. SimpleConsign lets you add inventory to each individual consignor and then copy it to reduce the time it takes to enter similar items. Inventory can also be added by typing in your inventory description and/or using the convenient drop down category that lets you enter brand, color and size.

It’s quick, easy…a snap!

Inventory Management

Customer Care

Knowledge is power. The more you know about your customers, the more effective you become in serving them. At the very least, you need to know who they are, what they buy and how much they spend. It all starts with a convenient way to enter customer information into the system. SimpleConsign tracks your customer transactions and stores their activity for as long as you wish. You can include your customer’s name, address, e-mail and special notes or instructions. If they decide to become a consignor, simply press the “Make Consignor” button and you won’t have to enter their information twice.

Like falling off a log!

Customer Menu


Give your customers the option of putting items on layaway. SimpleConsign will track your layaways for you and even keep track of the expiration date. You can set a minimum down payment percentage and a standard number of days before a layaway expires. Putting an item on layaway has never been easier!

As easy as ABC!

SimpleConsign Layaway

Consignor Access

Save time and money by giving your consignors real-time access to their personal account via the internet. You can even customize the URL so they can access their account through your website. SimpleConsign also gives you the ability to add a monthly Consignor Access fee that puts money back in your pocket.

Upgrade to Consignor Central

Your Shop’s Consignor Access will automatically generate information to your consignors such as: Items Recently Brought In, Items About to Expire, Returned Items and Donated Items. You customize the dates and the system does the work for you. You can even notify all of your consignors at once about an upcoming event. Plus, create multiple Consignor Contracts and choose which one gets assigned to a consignor. Consignors can view and print their contracts from Consignor Access too. Personalize your Consignor Access with your shop’s logo and desktop icon. Consignor Central is designed to save you time.

Easy does it!

Consignor Access

Credit Card Processing

SimpleConsign offers an integrated credit card processing solution. There’s no need for extra steps. Just swipe and go! Concerned about cost? Our credit card processor has a meet or beat guarantee which in most cases will save you money. Even if you aren’t a SimpleConsign customer, contact them for a quote today.

It’s a breeze!

SimpleConsign's recommended credit card processors: *BluePay and *Priority

Credit Card

Additional Features

  • Multi-store Features – SimpleConsign allows you to use store credit and consignor credit across store locations.
  • Reward Points System – Tied to dollars spent, the SimpleConsign Reward Points System lets you specify tiers to determine how much your reward points are worth.
  • eCommerce – Our Application Program Interface (API) provides everything you need to integrate your existing or new eCommerce site to SimpleConsign. Our API gives you access to your inventory and allows you to record sales.

It’s not rocket science!

Checkout with reward points