Catch Crystal Vilkaitis of Crystal Media in Emporia's January community webinar. In this session, Crystal walks you through systems, strategies, and tools to improve your social marketing online.

Crystal Vilkaitis is a globally acclaimed speaker, consistently hailed as the highlight of conferences with her engaging, relevant content that resonates deeply with audiences. In 2012, she founded Crystal Media, a progressive media company leading the charge in modern retail marketing.

As a pioneer in social media since 2008, Crystal stands as an industry leader, transforming the digital marketing landscape for small businesses. Her innovative strategies have driven significant growth and sales for retailers, cementing her reputation as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving digital landscape. She’s the Host of the highly praised podcasts Rooted in Retail and Crystal Uncorked, sits on the Board of Directors for Heart on Main Street and Gift for Life.

To learn more visit Crystal Media's website and follow on Instagram at @crystalmediaco and @crystalvilkaitis.