Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to results when you uncover 3 ways to increase your bottom line. 

Join experts Angie Houloose & Neil Abramson of Next Level Resale to learn how to unlock the data-driven path to resale success.

A creative visionary with a “knowledge is the enemy of fear” attitude, Angie Houloose guides store owners to build loyal communities and customer connection through store design, organizational skills and branding to bring your vision to life. Her background in developing processes and strategic training procedures for 911 centers ensure every detail works together to build award-winning businesses. 

The "Numbers Guy with the Pink Calculator", Neil Abramson’s 30+ years of retail experience and 20+ years in the resale industry translate into proven strategies for optimizing operations, processing, and finances. A champion of small businesses, Neil's data-driven approach and strategic mindset ensure your store thrives.

Angie and Neil are the powerhouse combination to take you to the Next Level in Resale. Angie's creative spark and Neil's analytical prowess create a holistic approach to resale success through education, tools, mindset and community as you build a team, store and life of excellence.

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