Joe Gaboury

President and Founder


There is simply no other way to describe Joe Gaboury…the man is a dynamo. For the sake of brevity let’s just list some of Joe’s lifetime achievements. He has a Bachelor of Sociology with a Minor in French, a Master’s Degree in Parks & Recreation and a Bachelor of Divinity. Joe also boasts over 30 years in business including 16 years as a multi-line insurance agent and investment adviser, manager of restaurants and franchising and owner of a variety of businesses including Traxia. He’s a guitar aficionado as well as producer of his own professional CD. If that weren’t enough…he’s the winner of a coveted baseball glove during his Little League fundraising sales contest at the tender age of 12! Married with 5 children and 2 adorable grandchildren, Joe will be the first to tell you he has yet to arrive. Yup. Dynamo.