Tax-Exempt weekends and more for Back-to-School

July 25, 2014

Consignment shops will benefit from tax-exempt weekends too

Back to school spending reached $72 billion with apparel and electronics being the 2 biggest expenses. Therefore, this season is one to capitalize on! In fact, the National Retail Federation (NRF) says Back-to-School sales are second only to winter holiday sales. Tap into this sales opportunity and by all means, start now. If you get ahead on your promotion, you’ll be first and foremost in the minds of parents and shoppers.

1.) Take advantage of tax-exempt weekendstax-exempt weekends

Many states offer Sales Tax Holidays right around the back-to-school season. Use this weekend to your advantage. Items vary by state in terms of what is exempt so check to see when your state’s tax-exempt weekends are and what’s included.

2.) Tap into the college-age market

According to by Adobe, over $3 of every $5 spent on back-to-school is spent on college students. Millennials who will be headed to college love 2-for-1 deals and do a great deal of impulse shopping. Tie in with a hair and nail salon to offer a free gift if the student purchases a certain amount of clothing. Invite students from local colleges to a fun fashion show. Be sure to give them a coupon that brings them back for shopping at a later date. If you host a fashion show for younger ones, include events like face painting and games. Refreshments for both groups are a must.

Set aside a special spot in your furniture consignment shop for dorm and apartment-size furnishings. Suggest great pieces like retro lamps and pictures, or show how certain items can be used for extra storage in the dorm. Create a whole section dedicated to apartment decorating with love seats, small chairs, desks and tables. Offer some fun decorating tips or even classes for DIYers or students on a very tight budget.

3.) Back-to-School isn’t just for students

Remember, you need to creatively appeal to parents and teachers too. Offer special discounts for teachers, adopt a class at a nearby school to collect school supplies or set up a wine & cheese evening for parents to celebrate their little one’s return to school.

 4.) Tie in to local school spirit

Almost every school from elementary to college has a Spirit Day and a special mascot. Tie into those events wherever possible. Sponsor a school ball team. Sell school-related items. Participate in the annual parade, picnic or Teacher Appreciation Day. Run a fun contest that pits schools against each other to see which school’s fans are the most loyal. Leverage social media to build excitement around your brand and the school.


Deb McGonagle

I have been a writer for various forms of marketing for awhile now. I've written my share of radio and TV scripts, magazine and newspaper ads as well as direct mail brochures and newsletters. Currently, as the Marketing Director for Traxia, home of SimpleConsign software, I've moved into blog posts, eBooks and website text. It's been an ever changing and ever challenging journey but I've loved it all along the way.