5 DIY summer consignment store window displays

Your consignment store window displays should really pop this summer

Have you ever seen those hilarious Pinterest Fails? You know, the people who attempt the clever Pinterest DIY ideas and end up with a glob of dough or a completely unrecognizable decoration? That’s me. I, however, have more faith in you. That’s why I’ve put together a collection of 5 DIY consignment store window display ideas. Will yours be a success or failure?

The DIY summer pinwheel wall

Consignment store window displays include pinwheels

Okay, you have to admit these would be fabulous in your consignment store window, particularly if you had a small fan that kept them moving! This idea comes from Oh Happy Day. Of course, it includes “easy-to-follow” instructions. One of the main design rules for store displays is to draw the eye with big, bold shapes and colors. Repetitive shapes give the eye a way to rest. Incorporate the colors of your logo or brand.

Another DIY paper pinwheel backdrop

Consignment store widow display with large paper pinwheels

This one, believe or not, I’ve actually done. It’s an easier version of the movable pinwheels, but looks just as stunning on a large scale. Stick them on dowel rods painted green; lay out a section of AstroTurf and you have an instant garden for your store window. The instructions are here.

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Large scale maps and/or black and white photos

Summer consignment store window displays should definitely include maps

Summertime consignment store window displays should definitely include maps. Travel is summer’s biggest theme and the bigger the map, the better. The beauty of using old maps and photos is how easy it is to enlarge them. Take them to your nearest Staples store and have them create engineering blueprint size images. By creating only black and white images, you could spend as little as $8 for a 36″ x 48″ photo. Head to Home Depot and purchase MDF sheets. Use spray adhesive to attach the images to the MDF.

vintage photos enlarged make perfect window displays

Group a number of related photos or maps as a backdrop by hanging them with fishing line from the ceiling. Add props and merchandise to complete the showcase. If you’re at a loss for vintage black and white photos, New Old Stock offers many for free or a very nominal fee. However, visiting your nearest thrift store can also turn up a number of interesting maps and photos as well.

Anything red, white and blue

summer displays have to include the colors red, white and blue too

Summer is also about red, white and blue at least in America. Anytime you can use these colors for a summertime display, your windows will pop. Here’s a suggestion just taking old picture frames (something that seems to be in abundance these days) and painting them. You could choose a mono-chromatic color scheme as well if you’re looking for something other than patriotic. These frames are also filled with interesting papers and gels to add an extra punch.

Why not use plywood and rope?

consignment window displays

This was another inexpensive and clever idea I found. The designer used pieces of cut plywood and rope as the backdrop for a men’s store. One again, the suitcase helps to give a vacation feel to the window.

Other points to remember:

  • Keep your target market in mind
  • Follow your branding
  • Tell a story with your windows, don’t just show merchandise
  • Limit the merchandise so the items look more expensive. Avoid clutter.
  • Use lighting to add interest
  • The focal point should always be at eye level
  • Regularly change your front window display

How to build your brand through your front window

Use your display windows to build your brand

Sometimes, the day-to-day business of running a shop gets in the way of quality merchandising. Remember, your store’s front windows are the first big impression for shoppers to learn about you. They can set you apart from your competition and make you the most memorable store on your street. Branding isn’t just a logo and a sign. It’s so much more. Here are a few tips to build your brand through your display windows.

Define your brand

The bottom line, you are your store’s brand. As a small business owner, you cannot live, breathe and be something you’re not every day. So, part of building your store’s brand includes defining who you are. Is your personality outgoing and fun? Then your store’s brand should be too. Are you a bit more bohemian and kitschy? What about refined and classic? That’s your brand. Everything about your business, including your display windows, should reflect that. Read 5 sure-fire ways to beef up your shop’s brand identity to get more ideas.

Develop a brand chart

In addition to a seasonal or sales merchandising schedule, keep a brand chart. Include on your store’s chart various props that you have or need for your display windows. Those props help build your brand. For instance, find bolts of fabric with your store’s logo colors. Choose mannequins based on your brand. Keep particular furniture display pieces on hand (but be willing to sell them if asked). Each of these items help highlight your brand. When you get ready to change your displays, you’ll have the tools you need to keep building.

Pick a brand theme

Once again, keep your store’s brand in mind. Everything you do should reinforce who you are. You’re essentially telling a story. The story of you. If your brand is refined luxury, then the theme of your display windows should be luxurious with metal, glass and lights. Then, add your merchandise in around your brand theme, but make sure the way you reveal it builds your brand.

Build an overall brand environment

It doesn’t matter how attractive your display windows are. You are only what your customers say you are. Everything about your store communicates your brand message. Your physical location, the employees you’ve hired, the colors you’ve painted your store’s walls and even the smell of your store relay a message. Create an overall environment from the front to the back of your store.

15 fun and easy window decorations to celebrate the season of love

Window decorations are a major part of building your store’s brand too

I thought it would be fun to see what some shops are doing for Valentine’s window decorations. If you haven’t created a stunning display, this weekend is your opportunity. Here are 15 fun and fairly easy ideas.

Nothing says “Love” like a Valentine card (or cards)

In this case, the store owner used a stack of Valentine’s cards to write out the word “Love.” If you own a children’s shop, do this same thing on a smaller scale using the teeny Valentines children hand out at school. (I guess they still do that)

Window decorations using Valentine's cards

A riot of color

These 3 ideas came from Gabriela Pinaud. Using simple materials like yarn, tissue paper balls or gel sheets, she’s created a riot of color. Any one of these designs would carry you on into Spring too. The good news, all of them can be purchased at your local Walmart. If screwing cup hooks into the top and bottom of your window isn’t an option, use the plastic removable ones. Hang the tissue paper balls for a more dramatic effect. Add cheap mats to the gel filters and you’ve got a beautiful “stained glass” window. You could even cut the gels into heart shapes.Window decorations for Valentine's Day

Hearts and more hearts

Valentine’s Day is all about affairs of the heart. Why not make hearts the theme of your window decorations? Most of these ideas are fairly easy to re-create. Cover your front window with red Washi tape, tissue paper hearts or string together hearts made out of card stock. Here are the directions to make the simple tissue paper heart wreath from Happiness is Homemade. The clever heart made out of paper muffin cups could display your silk scarves in pink, red and white.

Use hearts in your window decorations

Don’t limit yourself to the mundane. Consider making hearts out of arrows (again with Washi tape), Styrofoam and even doilies. The hardest one would be the Styrofoam candy hearts. I don’t think I could stand the sound of cutting that stuff.

More Valentine's window decorations

A few final ideas I found. Whatever you choose to do, make it big and bold. With it’s vibrant colors and easy-to-recognize symbols, your window decorations should stand out this Valentine’s Day.

Some final window decoration ideas for Valentine's Day