As you know, we strive to provide our customers with the tools for success. With that goal of growth and innovation, we are excited to announce that SimpleConsign has teamed up with Loyal Shops to provide you with a new way to sell consignment on Facebook live.

We have been able to build a system that works easily with our existing software. No need to upload every item in your inventory to your Shopify store, you choose what goes onto your Shopify. This is huge because most 3rd party Shopify apps charge based on inventory size. What this means for our customers is that they can easily pick and choose which items end up in their Shopify and more importantly what consignment items they can sell on Facebook Live.

By combining our inventory system and our Shopify plugin with LoyalShops you will now be able to sell your consignment products on Facebook live.

Prior to this, our shops were able to access their inventory from home and sell on Facebook live, but it was a convoluted system.

LoyalShops will allow consignment store owners to go onto Facebook live and sell their consigned items. The LoyalShops system tracks responses to items you are selling and will automate a lot of the heavy lifting that comes along with selling on Facebook live.

Combining that with our inventory system, you will be able to sell consignment items without having to manually do price splits, as anything that sells on LoyalShops will be dictated in SimpleConsign as well.

Let’s say you have to close your shop for some time due to cleaning, fumigating, or a pandemic, which would have been an outrageous idea before 2020. If a situation like this occurs, you can get on Facebook Live to provide your customers with your products and continue making a profit with your shop rather than having an unproductive day. This is next level consignment shopping and selling.

A lot of people prefer online shopping, this makes it easier and more entertaining to accomplish that. It’s also a great way to promote your business and get new customers.

If you would like more information on how LoyalShops can help your consignment store sell online with Facebook live, you can check them out here.

Check out our webinar with LoyalShops in our exclusive Facebook group built for Resale and Consignment Professionals.