How to guarantee your salespeople are playing for KEEPS

April 7, 2017

Do you think your salespeople are really playing for KEEPS?

Since I am one of the most nonathletic people I’ve ever known, I have never used the term “playing for keeps.” Actually, I had to look it up in the Free Dictionary. “Playing for keeps” means you play to win without holding back—you give it your all. I realized “playing for keeps” isn’t just about athletics, it can be about anything we do. Here’s my take on making sure your salespeople are playing for KEEPS.

K is for knowledgeis for Knowledge

Are your salespeople educating themselves about your merchandise, customers and consignors? A consignment shop is so much more than merely opening a box from corporate, putting the items on a shelf and standing at the register. Our industry is about relationship. Your consignors need to be able to trust you and your staff. Customers have information at their fingertips and they’re expecting your salespeople to be knowledgeable about your merchandise too. In fact, recent studies show most consumers purchase more if they are helped by a knowledgeable salesperson. In addition, salespeople need to be educated about your shop’s demographics. They need to understand your customers before they even walk in the door. Read 5 traits of highly effective salespeople.

E is for Experienceis for Experience

I’m not referring to a salesperson’s selling experience. As I wrote in “How to make shopper’s happy with simple resale-tainment,” today’s consumers are looking for a shopping experience. Make sure your salespeople are invested in how your store does business. If your brand is chic and high end, your salespeople should present your merchandise and themselves in the same way. Conversely, if your store is all about fun, make sure your staff is willing to bring it on! Let their individual personalities shine through. Within your store, engage all of the customer’s 5 senses (sight, sound, taste, smell and touch). Studies prove that salespeople will sell more when the senses are engaged because the shopper loves to linger in the experience.

E is for Excellenceis for Excellence

When shoppers come into your store and interact with your staff, make it memorable. Set the bar high for your sales staff. They need to engage customers in conversation to encourage cross selling and upselling.  Today, finding a courteous salesperson who truly enjoys their job and knows about what they’re selling is rare. Make that what people remember when they leave your store. Excellence in selling comes with confidence. Train your salespeople to succeed.

P is for personalis for Personal

Every customer needs to feel respected. Consignors need to know their items are valued too. Making it personal can be as simple as giving a compliment or as detailed as knowing the customer by name and what their buying habits are. Your staff needs to be genuinely interested in your customers. Shoppers and consignors return again and again to a store where they’re appreciated. Kindness goes a long way in building loyalty.

S is for surprisingis for Surprising

Whenever possible, the interaction your salespeople have with your shoppers should offer something surprising. Providing an instant coupon, going the extra mile on a delivery or even giving a cold bottle of water on a very hot day can be enough of a surprise. Just one small unexpected surprise can leave a lasting impression.



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