5 reasons resellers stock new merchandise

June 9, 2019

Resellers stock new merchandise for 5 reasons

You’re in the business of reselling used items. It makes good business sense to offer new merchandise too. In fact, there are several reasons to invest in new merchandise for your resale shop. Typically, items bought in bulk are literally pennies on the dollar. There are a variety of ways you can purchase affordable, unused merchandise. It can be a “buyer beware” proposition though. Many of the items being sold are “as is.” No matter how you purchase, review the entire contract. In addition, pay particular attention to their return policies. Here’s why resellers stock new merchandise.

Reason #1  Give your shop a boutique feel

Adding smaller items to your merchandise, creates a bigger impression for shoppers. Customers want to see a wide array of goods. Most importantly, your brand image improves by adding multiple pieces of the same product.

Reason #2  Increase inventory during slow periods

Resellers stock new merchandise to help create the “Target Effect.” In other words, your shoppers didn’t realize they needed an item until they noticed it next to the merchandise they’re looking for. A steady supply of new merchandise guarantees you’ll have fresh inventory on the sales floor. Add a line of chalk paint, jewelry, greeting cards or other items to your shop and you’ve automatically added built-in revenue.

Reason #3  Offer in-demand merchandise

Many of our furniture consignment customers have invested in lines of chalk paint, candles and furniture polishes. Our clothing consignment customers carry everything from scarves to sunglasses and lingerie. Children’s consignment shops often invest in a partnership with Melissa and Doug toys. Whatever is in demand in your location, find a reputable dealer and build your inventory.

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Reason #4  Tap into non-resale shoppers

Go from being known strictly as a “secondhand” shop to that “boutique around the corner.” Unfortunately, some shoppers never consider setting foot in a “used” merchandise store. However, they wander in because of that particular line of new items you now carry. Plus, many shoppers don’t want to buy used items as gifts. Often, bridesmaids or baby shower attendees feel they need to purchase a brand new gift rather than a brand new used gift.

Reason #5  Provide opportunities for local artists and designers

Becoming a unique distribution point for a local artist or designer instantly adds to the exclusivity factor of your resale shop. However, make sure the tie-in follows your branding. In other words, don’t offer homemade jellies if you’re a clothing consignment shop. A furniture shop is perfect for that local pottery maker or painter and that young new designer from college can exhibit her new textiles at your clothing store. Plus, adding Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) reduces your overhead costs and frees up employees for other work.

Where to find new merchandise

Resellers stock new merchandise through overstocks, closeouts, liquidations, salvage and wholesale items. These companies advertise online and many of them have distribution centers all over the country. Some companies are very specific about the items they sell and others sell by random pallet only. Again, buyer beware.


When a retailer overestimates market demand, their discounted items are known as surplus. It doesn’t mean your customers won’t be interested in them. It means the market is flooded. Overstock outlets are a great place to find clearance-priced seasonal items.


Closeouts are one way for resellers to stock new merchandiseA clearance or closeout sale consists of items a retailer no longer wants to stock. In other words, these items are almost never returnable. The point is to clear out inventory.


A salvage load includes customer returns, samples and floor display merchandise. If you have the time and expertise to repair a ripped seam, sew on a button or touch up paint, this can be a cost-effective option.


Held when a store goes out of business or declares bankruptcy, liquidation sales are an excellent place for new merchandise. In addition to products for your shop, you may be able to find supplies like tagging guns, bags, tissue paper, shelves, receipt paper and more. If a local business is closing, negotiate a package deal instead of paying per item.

Liquidation Closeouts carries a variety of wholesale merchandise. Even Amazon has online bidding for returned boxed lots. TopTenWholesale offers everything from kids’ backpacks to lipstick.

The QVC Liquidation department offers customer returns, plus refurbished and closeout inventory sold by the pallet. If you purchase pallets, the company should be within easy driving distance. Believe it or not, even WalMart has a liquidation site.

In conclusion, do your homework. Thoroughly review your contract and completely understand all return policies. Check the Better Business Bureau. Buying new merchandise can ultimately bring a boost to your overall bottom line.


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