How to make shoppers happy with simple resale-tainment

March 24, 2017

Consignment shoppers would love a little “resale-tainment”

For several years now, the retail industry has talked about the importance of adding fun and adventure to the shopping experience. It’s true. Today’s consumers (especially the younger ones) are looking for entertainment. So someone, along the way, coined phrases like “retail-tainment,” “shoppertainment” and “mall-tainment.” The idea is to create a fun shopping atmosphere that will give someone a reason to come into your store rather than the one down the street. Use resale-tainment to set your shop apart. I figure, anything they can do, we can do better, right?

The criteria for “resale-tainment”

If you’re going to begin offering resale-tainment, be sure you follow a few rules. Otherwise, you may not be able to pull it off.

  • Make it engaging- It needs to interact with the shopper
  • It must enhance the shopping experience- Whether it’s through education or entertainment, the shopper has to gain something
  • Add an element of surprise- After all, shoppers are looking for fun
  • Be sure it’s appropriate to your brand- Make sure it matches your image
  • It must be a proven sales booster- The bottom line is still the most important

10 ideas to add “resale-tainment” to your shop

  1. Hire living “mannequins” – A lot of cities have theater troupes that would love to promote their talent as well as an upcoming production. Give them your front window at least one Saturday a month and in turn pass out flyers for their upcoming play.
  2. Bring in local celebrities to sign autographs – An Advertising Age article reported that Walmart stores in specific markets brought in professional bull riders from a rodeo to sign Resale-tainment could include a Husband Day Careautographs. Not only did it bring in the shoppers, but the press picked up on it too.
  3. Organize a “Husband Day Care Center” – As the photo suggests, become a place for the husband to relax while the wife is shopping. This works particularly well for a furniture consignment store. Set up a special area with a large screen TV, popcorn machine and several comfy chairs that just happen to be for sale.
  4. Purchase a store pet- Now, this one can either be really, really good or a disaster. I frequent an appliance store where they must have 6 cats. Cats jump off the top of every refrigerator in every aisle and scare the beejeebers out of me. However, I also visit another shop where the Golden Retriever is so friendly and welcoming, I want to hang around and play for hours. Okay, can you tell I’m a dog person?
  5. Set up a pet “drinking station” outside your store-  If having a pet in your store is a huge no-no, consider providing a special area for the pets of others right outside your front door. Have several water dishes which are changed regularly. Perhaps provide a special post or bar where walkers can tie off their pets and come inside to shop. Be sure to add a fun sign with your logo too.
  6. Devise some checkout fun- When a soon-to-be bride chooses her dress, many bridal shops have her ring a bell. Why not copy the tradition? Every time someone makes a purchase at your store, find a way to celebrate. Whether it’s a bell, a horn or a collective cheer, make a memory.
  7. A chalkboard wall can add a ton of resale-tainmentPaint a chalkboard wall- Create a selfie station with a changeable chalkboard wall. Use it to celebrate the seasons, upcoming graduations, choosing a prom or wedding dress, or anything that will make a fun reason to snap a photo.
  8. Become an event spot- There are a lot of ways to create events at your store. Host a charity fashion show; schedule a regular children’s reading hour; offer DIY classes; sponsor a local art show or become a donation center for your local animal shelter. Be that place known for support of your local community. Or, as in the case of Office Depot, be the place that teaches folks how to make slime.
  9. Arrange a gathering area- Shoppers today are looking for experiences. Do you have a spot in your store where your customers can gather? A few chairs, a table and a hot/cold beverage are all you need to keep shoppers lingering. What about being the location that hosts children’s tea parties? You could even host adult ladies teas that teach proper tea etiquette, but be sure to have an ample supply of hats too.
  10. Create a destination- Rather than offering resale-tainment every now and then, consider designing the look of your store to offer it 24/7. Use color, signage, wall decals, aromatherapy, music and merchandising that will amaze the shopper. Literally entering your store becomes an event in itself.

Nationally-known retail speakers (and recent Resale Academy speakers), Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender encourage shops to run 1 major and 2 minor “shoppertainment” events in their store each month. Minor events should never take a long time to prepare. They can be as simple as an easy demonstration or mini class. Major events should build traffic and pack your store with customers. So, what kind of resale-tainment should you offer? Know your neighborhood and the demographics of your shoppers, then pick the resale-tainment that most resonates with your area. By all means, have fun!


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