Promoting Back to School Consignment Shopping

August 12, 2020

It is back to school time again, but this time we have a twist, COVID 19. When I was younger, the most exciting part about going back to school was always back to school shopping. I’d always search for everything from the prettiest supplies to the perfect first day of school outfit. Looking back, I don’t want to know how much my parents spent every year on that. Amidst a global pandemic, everyone is looking for great bargains. As a result of this, back to school consignment shopping is needed more than ever. Get inspired by these ideas for promoting back to school consignment shopping.

Tax-Free Holidays

Here’s a list of the states that offer tax-free weekends provided by USA Today, not all states do so. 

Alabama: July 17th-19th

Arkansas: August 1st-2nd

Connecticut: August 7th-9th

Florida: August 7th-9th

Iowa: August 7th-8th

Maryland: August 9th-15th

Massachusetts: August 29th-30th

Mississippi: July 31st-August 1st

Missouri: August 7th-9th

New Mexico: August 7th-9th

Ohio: August 7th-9th

Oklahoma: August 7th-9th

South Carolina: August 7th-9th

Tennessee: July 31st- August 2nd

Texas: August 7th-9th

Virginia: August 7th-9th

Promoting back to school consignment shopping ideas

One way to market your store for back to school is by having your customers promote your shop. By allowing your customers to promote your products, you earn credibility which in turn will bring new consumers. Here are a few ideas.

  • A classic back to school picture with a sign stating the student’s grade is every mom’s favorite. A great way to use this at your store would be to have some sort of chalkboard or dry-erase board that can be customizable for each student. This is a wonderful way to promote your consignment store. Target has some great options including this Chalkboard Wood Oblong Sign.

Promoting Back to School Consignment Shopping

  • Everyone loves a good backdrop for their pictures, why not dedicate a corner of your store for moms to take pictures of their student? Of course, this strategy is aimed more towards younger children but any age group can enjoy it. Don’t forget to include your store logo!

Promoting Back to School Consignment Shopping with a photoshoot

  • Most teenage girls love looking good, a great way to attract them can be with a fashion show, this could also be a mother-daughter event. Not only will the daughters have fun but the moms will love some extra bonding time before their daughter goes off to school. 

fashion show to promote your shop

  • As a furniture consignment store, you can dedicate a few evenings to show some great DIY examples. For students living in dorm rooms, any creativity can help bring their room some life. Additionally, many college students rely on repurposing old furniture they find at thrift shops or garage sales.

DIY ideas for your shop

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Paulette Squicimari