6 steps to a more engaging online consignment store

November 5, 2018

Keep shoppers on your online consignment store longer

Have you heard the good news? SimpleConsign, web based software, now integrates with Shopify! There’s never been a better time to build your online consignment store. Make sure shoppers stay on your site a little longer by maximizing their experience. I’ve got 6 tips.

1.) First impressions matter

It’s Saturday and I’ve invited you to my home for dinner. Pulling up, you notice overflowing trash cans lined up along the driveway. My front door is barely visible because of the overgrowth of weeds. I invite you in, but there’s nowhere to sit. Papers and trash cover the floors, chairs and tables. What’s your first impression? Are you eager to hang around and have dinner? It’s the same with your online consignment store. Keep it clean and free of clutter. Don’t overwhelm your shoppers with too much information. Use plenty of white space. Your logo and a catch phrase lets shoppers know they’re in the right place. Keep in mind your target market. What appeals to them? The image below is from a bridal shop called Twigs & Honey. The name itself tells you very little, but the first image you see tells their story.A beautiful home page image is essential for your online consignment store

2.) Eye-catching images

Avoid stock photos, if at all possible. Your shoppers want genuine images of your business and your merchandise. It builds trust. Use your store surroundings and employees to help convey your message. Shoppers want to build a relationship with you. Include interesting photos of your storefront, front door or street sign, if they’re attractive. Make merchandise photos natural and engaging. Read 10 merchandise photography tips to sell more online. SimpleConsign offers their own Simple Photo App. Take photos of your merchandise and with the click of a button add them to your online consignment store.

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3.) Show ’em the way¬†Your online consignment store needs clear navigation

When you entered my cluttered house, you could hardly see the living room much less which way to get to the kitchen or bathroom. Plus, you’d have to push aside a lot of junk just to move. It’s the same with your site. Shoppers want to see immediately where to browse for particular merchandise, special deals or a way to contact you. Avoid labels like “Products,” “Services” or even, “Photos.” Use descriptive labels that are familiar to your shoppers. If you can, limit your list of labels. Notice the Modern Shop’s navigation bar. The easier your online consignment store is to explore, the higher number of sales you’ll make.

3.) Call-to-Action

Your online consignment store needs a strong call to actionA good call-to-action (CTA) button is invaluable. Shoppers come to your website. They’re looking at your merchandise. Now, tell them what to do next. Examples of a call-to-action are “Shop Now,” “Search,” “Get Started” or “Go To Checkout.” Use a contrasting color that stands out from the rest of the page. Your call-to-action button needs to call attention to itself. It needs to make the next step in the process of buying completely clear. On Gift Crates website, they’ve tailored their CTA especially for their product.

4.) Testimonials / Success Stories

I don’t think I’ve honestly ever clicked on someone’s Testimonial page. It’s not that I don’t care, I just don’t want to take the time. But, if you place a customer’s quote with a photo somewhere else on your site, I’ll read it. Share short success stories of how your product has changed someone’s life. Younger generations especially rely on customer reviews. Scatter them throughout your shopping pages. Ask your best customers for a sentence or two describing their experience with you. Keep them short. By adding a photo, you increase engagement by over 100%.

5.) Email sign-up form

Once you’ve gained someone’s attention, don’t let them leave without getting some information from them. However, you’ll have to offer something in return. Do you write a fashion or decorating blog? Ask them to sign up. What about a special club for early preview shoppers? Have them add their name and email to the list. Consider offering a special discount in return for giving you their contact information. Get as much information as possible. Research actually suggests people are willing to give more than just their first name and email for a discount offer. Take that opportunity to ask for an address, phone number and even a little personal info. Always send a Thank You response immediately.

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6.) Mobile-friendly

Your online consignment store needs to be mobile optimizedA mobile site is no longer a “maybe” for today’s online consignment store. It’s a must. Shopping on a phone is becoming the new norm. According to BrightEdge, “57% of all US online traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets.” In addition, they claim “69% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies with mobile sites that easily address their questions or concerns.” Check your site to make sure the images are optimized for a phone and your labels are clearly listed. Type “Mobile-Friendly Test” into Google and run a quick test. Shoppers no longer tolerate moving the screen to the left or right, pinching it to see all of the information or zooming in to read details. With UGGs mobile site, there are only 4 labels across the top. Images convey their brand and a strong call-to-action is visible. Make your site just as easy.



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