How to precisely name my resale shop – infographic

July 27, 2017

Isn’t this the first question you asked yourself, “What am I going to name my resale shop?”

“Name my resale shop” is one of the top searches on Google when it comes to opening a secondhand business. It’s also one of the most important decisions you make. Your shop name is the beginning of your business. It’s the first action you take in creating your brand. Your logo, your signage, your image, they all revolve around your name. Make sure, when you ask the question, “What will I name my resale shop?” you’ve done your homework.

The 6 steps

I’ve put together an infographic to show you some of the steps you need to take when considering your shop name. This is only a partial listing. If you’re starting a new business, I encourage you to read, How to name your consignment shop in 6 easy steps. Do your research and you’ll develop a name that will last for decades.

Infographic for How to Name My Resale Shop

Team Traxia wishes you success in starting and managing your resale business. Don’t forget the first web based software when you get ready to make a POS decision!


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