Top 12 sales tips you need to gain loyal shoppers

July 1, 2016

Loyal shoppers are looking for creative salespeople

Today’s consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to shopping. However, studies show if shoppers have the choice between purchasing online or at a nearby store, 85% would choose their local store. It’s still important for consumers to touch and feel the merchandise while interacting with a friendly and knowledgeable salesperson. Want to create loyal shoppers? Use these 15 sales techniques to build loyalty and make selling easier for your salespeople.

1.) Forget about the transaction. Today’s shoppers want interaction.

They’re looking for an emotional connection. Make sure your salespeople are outgoing and greet everyone who comes in the door.

2.) Provide a personal shopper

Whether it’s clothing or furniture, the younger generations are eager to have a one-on-one shopping experience with a personal shopper. Plus, shoppers said they would most likely spend more money if a personal shopper made recommendations.

3.) Make it quick

Over half of shoppers say the number one thing they look for is prompt service. The younger generations have little to no time to waste.

4.) Recognize customer service and marketing are the same thing

Just as your advertising can set you apart, so can your customer service. This is the cheapest form of marketing you can do.

5.) Offer in-store services

Shoppers tend to linger when you offer services such as a chilled water bottle in the summer or a cup of hot cocoa in the winter. Step out of the box and offer an in-store charging station or guest Wi-Fi and you’re sure to get more time with your shoppers.

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6.) Open up conversation

Something as simple as a name tag with a fun fact about the salesperson can start up a conversation. Shoppers want to feel as though they know you.

7.) Use shoppers in social media

Set up a “selfie” booth; take photos and even videos of your shoppers; ask customers for a quote or a review and post as much as you can.

loyal shoppers in pretty skirts8.) Up sell and cross sell

Generally, up sell refers to showing the shopper a similar but more expensive version of the same item they’re looking at. Cross selling means adding items to the merchandise they’re already purchasing. Read 3 sure fire consignment cross-selling and upselling tips.

9.) Add text message marketing to your sales

Today, 73% of consumers begin shopping on a smartphone so text message marketing is a great way to reach your shoppers.

10.) Educate your salespeople

Less than a third of shoppers feel sales associates are actually knowledgeable about their merchandise. Loyal shoppers want your salespeople to know as much as possible.

11.) Build your brand

Consumers today like to have an “omni-channel” experience. This means they want to see a consistent message in all of your marketing, signage, store appearance and merchandising. Build your brand so shoppers connect with you.

12.) Follow up

Don’t forget to continue the relationship after the sale. Follow up with a quick survey asking about their experience. Offer your best customers first choice of new inventory and stay in touch with personalized emails.


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