Black Friday is typically known as a chaotic holiday. People are running around malls, bumping into each other, and spending way too much money. COVID19 has changed everything, even holidays. As Black Friday rolls around, businesses are coming up with the best strategies to maximize their sales but remain safe. There is one option that is both safe and productive, and that is a Facebook Live auction. Selling on Facebook Live is going to be huge this holiday season and you don’t want to miss out. We realize this may be new to you, so here are some tips on how to run a Facebook Live auction.

Go Facebook live often

How to Run a Facebook Live Auction

You can grow a live following by going live often, or at least every once in a while, you can start by setting a specific day and time you go live each week. Set up a scheduled live video broadcast on Facebook by following these easy steps. You can go live for 30 minutes or so, showcase new arrivals and answer your customer’s questions. This is beneficial because your customers will begin to look forward to your lives and you can understand the process of a regular Facebook live. You can also learn what time your audience is mostly online with the information Facebook provides. It is a way to get comfortable prior to running a Facebook Live action on a holiday.

Promote your Facebook Live auction

Promote your Facebook Live auction

You want to make sure your audience knows about this event, you should be promoting it daily up until Black Friday. Do an initial post about your Facebook live auction, in this post mention the important details. Post on your page often reminding your customers of your upcoming live auction. Post graphics to grab your audience’s attention or even give them a preview of some items. When you schedule a Facebook Live broadcast, your audience is automatically reminded when you go live and that will be helpful as well. You can also create a Facebook event and post even more information there. Creating a landing page is also a good idea, this allows everyone to have a specific place to head to for questions and answers.

Get the correct system for it

Selling on Facebook Live

Selling on Facebook Live is hard enough, make it easier for yourself by having someone else do the heavy lifting. SimpleConsign has combined the Shopify plugin with LoyalShops to make selling consignment on Facebook Live easier. The LoyalShops system takes care of tracking the responses which will take some of the pressure off you. If you do not currently have the Shopify plugin, you don’t have to worry about getting it completely set up. All you need is your inventory, the rest can come later. We hope that this makes things easier since we know how busy this upcoming season is. We also want to help by giving back which is why currently all subscription charges from new customers and the difference in price for current customers who upgrade will be given to charity.

This Black Friday will be different, make the most of it by joining the many stores that are selling on Facebook Live.

For more information on how to run a Facebook Live auction with our system, you can read here.