Eggstremely Easy Easter Ideas for Your Store

March 29, 2021

Don’t worry, be hoppy because Easter is here, yolks. You might not carrot all about Easter, but it’s an opportunity to bring peeps in. All yolks aside, here are some eggstremely easy Easter ideas for your store.

Eggstra special window display

Eggstremely Easy Easter Ideas for Your Store

Decorating your window display is an easy indicator that customers should come in for Easter deals. Pinterest is the go-to place for decor ideas. Buying decorations for holidays are affordable, and you can easily store them and reuse them the next year. If you have a children’s clothing consignment store, this is even better because you know your decorations will catch a little girl’s eye, and she’ll beg mom to visit your store. Here are some affordable decorations:

Eggscellent easter email

Send an Easter-themed email out to your customers to promote foot traffic. Make the email fun and playful; you can steal some of my puns. Be sure to include a code in the email, and when customers visit your shop, they can enter the code to see if they won a prize. If you have enough time and resources, sending out a postcard would be even better. The receiver is more likely to remember it since they have a physical reminder of the promotion. You can purchase Easter postcards or make your own and include the code.

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Eggsceedingly good easter grab bags

How to Manage Your Time as a Consignment Store Owner

Grab bags are a great way to sell items quickly. Gather some items that haven’t sold, put them in an Easter-themed bag and sell them at a low price. If you have a clothing store, you can create bags for different clothing sizes and color schemes to keep it organized. A grab bag sale can also be where customers fill their own bags. Create a clearance section in your shop, and the customers who want to participate can buy a bag for a set price. Then they can fill that bag up with as many clearance items as they can. If you want to do something easy for Easter, this is it.

Eggstravagant Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt

Hide Easter eggs around the store containing prizes for those who find them. Such as 20% jeans or %10 off shoes. If there are any items you’re trying to get rid of, this is a perfect time to put them on sale. Everyone loves a challenge, especially if there’s a guaranteed prize at the end. Since the pandemic has canceled so many events, it’s a good idea to introduce some fun into your work environment.

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Paulette Squicimari