10 customer service tips your sales team needs to adopt today

January 11, 2018

Customer service tips to build a stronger team

Building a rock star sales team is not an easy challenge. It takes time, dedication and lots of patience. There are a few skills that every good sales team needs though. Because each of your salespeople represents your entire organization, make sure these 10 customer service tips are part of your regular sales training.

1.) Knowledge

The more your sales team knows about your merchandise and your store, the more they will sell. The majority of shoppers that enter your store have already done a little research. If not, they’ll get on their phones and do it while they’re in your store. Your sales team needs to be aware of the facts beforehand. If your price is higher, point out the quality. If your price is lower, you’ve just made a sale!

2.) Patience

The word on the street is “never pray for patience because you will always receive a reason to be patient.” That’s so true. How does someone learn patience? By going through situations that require patience, of course. Teach your salespeople patience-building techniques such as taking deep breaths, counting to 10 and purposely slowing down. Help your staff recognize signs of fatigue and dehydration. Remind them, patience is a choice.

3.) Self-control

A calming presence can go a long way in diffusing an argument. Staying cool under pressure can be the difference between a satisfied customer or a horrendous Yelp! review. Your sales staff needs to be in control at all times. It’s their job to get the out-of-control customer under control. Self-control also refers to an individual’s personal life. Does someone on your sales team struggle with an addiction? Anger? Insecurity? Take the time to invest time in their lives. You and your company will be the better for it.

4.) Personalization

Last fall, I wrote an article titled, How to implement genuine resale clienteling. Clienteling is all about getting to know your customers individually. It’s keeping track of their buying habits and “wanna have” lists. Building relationships with a salesperson’s best customers should be on the top of the training list for 2018. When it’s so easy to get online and order, a personal relationship with a sales rep will make all the difference in closing the sale.

10 customer service tips to help you close more sales5.) Authentic

Can your really teach authenticity as one of your customer service tips? I believe you can. Being real. Sincere. Empathizing with a customer. Practicing what you preach. Sharing life stories. These are qualities that make a good salesperson. Teach your staff to find a point of connection with a shopper. Did they enter the store with children? Talk to the kids. Can you genuinely find something to compliment them on? Do it!

6.) Persuasion

A good salesperson not only knows how to sell the product, but how to sell the sizzle as well. Persuasion doesn’t make people buy what they don’t want. The art of persuasion helps a shopper realize they can’t live without it. Don’t sell a couch. Sell a gathering place for friends and family. Don’t sell a dress. Sell an image of professionalism or elegance.

7.) Diplomacy

Tact and diplomacy are 2 characteristics that are vital for a strong sales team. Consignment store representatives particularly need a good dose of diplomacy as they deal with not only the shopper but the consignor too. Diplomacy centers around understanding the thoughts and needs of others. It’s putting yourself in “someone else’s shoes” so to speak. As Isaac Newton stated, “Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.”

8.) Enthusiasm

How often have you entered a store and no one even speaks to you? An enthusiastic salesperson greets shoppers the minute they come in the door. They make the customer feel welcome and wanted. Their enthusiasm should spread to your merchandise as well. Read 5 traits of highly effective salespeople to learn just how important enthusiasm can be in making the sale.

9.) Attentiveness

Paying close attention not only makes the customer feel special, it also gives a salesperson verbal and physical cues that the shopper is looking for more. It’s essential to ask questions. To rephrase what the customer is looking for. Read How to increase consignment sales with active listening and learn about using the “hot button” sales technique.

10.) Confidence

Your customer service tips have to include confidence. The only way you can offer confidence is to teach the other 9 tips listed. Shoppers rely on the confidence of the salesperson waiting on them. Giving your team the knowledge they need and teaching them patience, diplomacy and attentiveness will increase their confidence in sales.


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